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Registration is not required to view any public threads on the Forum; however, if you wish to post a new thread or reply to an existing thread registration is required. Registration is free and brief. Handloads.Com does not use the information you provide during registration for any advertising. Your email address is not displayed anywhere so you do not have to worry about spammers collecting your email address here. Other members can email you by using a web form but unless you respond to the message they can not get your email address.

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Forum avatars are simply a small 130x170 resolution picture that you can have put next to each of your posts.

To add an Avatar to your profile click the Control Panel link at the top of any forum page and enter the path to an image, 130x170 resolution or smaller, in the Forum Avatar field. This path will be something like:

You may also add an avatar through the Gallery. Log in with your Forum username and password and upload the picture you'd like to use for an avatar. Once it has been uploaded click the Edit link for that picture, click Yes next to Forum Avatar and save the change. It will automatically update your Forum profile with the URL to the picture.

Go To Top Of PagePost count Cartridges

The cartridges/bullets under your post count is a general visual representation of the number of posts you have made on the forum.
50 posts = 1 round
100 posts = 2 rounds
250 posts = 3 rounds
500 posts = 4 rounds
1000 posts = 5 rounds
2000 posts = 6 rounds
Beyond that they have no meaning. For those who are curious as to exactly what load it is, they are a 250gr Keith in a 44 Special.

Go To Top Of PageSticky Threads

Sticky threads are topics that are either very important, or are subjects that come up often. These threads are "stuck" to the top of the list. They will always be the first threads listed regardless of when the last post was made in that thread.

Sticky threads will always have Sticky: in front of the thread name.

Go To Top Of PagePosting a message

The first step is to register. You must have an account and be logged in to post a message. To start a new thread after you have registered and logged in, enter whichever topic is appropriate (General Discussion, Handguns, Hunting, etc.) and click the New Thread link at the top of the list of messages. That will create a new thread with whatever title you enter.

To reply to an existing thread you may click on any of the Post Reply links on the right side of the messages. Messages are listed in the order they were posted, so your reply will be at the current end of the list.

Go To Top Of PagePost Date/Time

The date that is recorded when you make a post is the current time on the web server when you click the "Save Thread" button.

When you loaded this page the server time was: 3:37:30 AM, local time was:

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People often want to share photos with others online. The first thing you need is to have your picture hosted online somewhere. If you already have them hosted you've won half the battle and just need the URL to the picture. First get the URL to the picture, it will be in the form of Once you have that click the Image button when composing your post and enter that URL in the text box and click Ok - that's all there is to it.

If you don't have your pictures hosted anywhere you can upload them at using your Forum username and password to log in. In this case the URL to your picture will look a bit different, like this example: the ID number is what identifies your picture, you can get that URL after uploading your picture by right clicking on it in the Gallery and checking it's properties.

You can also manually add a picture to your post by using typing the forum tag, for example:
Do not add http:// to the beginning of the URL when manually adding an image to your post.

Go To Top Of PageCreating a Hyperlink in your message

You can easily add a hyperlink to your message. The easiest method is to Click the Add Link button when composing your message, enter the link in the first dialog, click Ok then enter the text you want to be displayed in the second (optional). If you don't specify any text in the second box it will display the link by default.

Another way to add hyperlinks is to manually enter the tags like this example:

That could be a link to a web page, a file, an image, basically any file online.

Go To Top Of PageHow to format text with Bold, Italic, Quote, etc...

There are several Forum Codes you may use to change the appearance of your text.  Following is the list of codes currently available:

Bold: Enclose your text with [b] and [/b] .  Example: This is [b]bold[/b] text. = This is bold text.

Italic: Enclose your text with [i] and [/i] .  Example: This is [i]italic[/i] text. = This is italic text.

Underline: Enclose your text with [u] and [/u]. Example: This is [u]underline[/u] text. = This is underline text.


Changing the size of your text: Use the Size dropdown list when composing your message and enter the text you want a particular size in the dialog box that opens or enclose your text with [hnumber] and [/hn]
Example: [h1]Text[/h1] =


Example: [h2]Text[/h2] =


Example: [h3]Text[/h3] =


Example: [h4]Text[/h4] =


Example: [h5]Text[/h5] =
Example: [h6]Text[/h6] =


Quote: Enclose your text with [quote] and [/quote] Or click the Quote button when composing your message and enter the text you want quoted in the dialog box.

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Moderators control individual forums. They may edit, delete, or prune any posts in their forums. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to your forum moderator or the site administrator.

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These Forums use cookies to store your Username and Password if you selected the option to log in automatically. These cookies are stored on your hard drive. Cookies are not used to track your movement or perform any function other than to enhance your use of these forums. If you have not enabled cookies in your browser the auto login feature will not work.

Go To Top Of PageActive Topics
Active Topics are listed by the date they were posted, defaulting to showing active threads over the last 1 day (24 hours) with other options available on the page.
Go To Top Of PageEditing Your Posts

You may edit or delete your own posts at any time. Just go to the topic where the post to be edited or deleted is located and you will see an edit or delete link for each message you have posted. Click on these links to edit or delete the post. No one else can edit your post, except for the forum Moderator or the forum Administrator. A note is generated at the bottom of each edited post displaying when the post was edited.

Go To Top Of PageAttaching Files

You may not attach files to posts at this time, you may cut and paste text into your post or add links to files hosted elsewhere.

Go To Top Of PageSearching the Forum

You may search for specific posts based on a word or words found in the message or thread title. Simply enter the text to search for in the text box near the top of the page and click on the "search" button.

Go To Top Of PageEditing Your Profile

You may easily change any information stored in your registration profile by using the "Control Panel" link located near the top of each page. Simply identify yourself by typing your Username and Password and all of your profile information will appear on screen.

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Your signature is automatically added to the end of your posts when you post either a New Topic or Reply. Your signature is editable by clicking on "Control Panel" at the top of any forum page. You will need to re-confirm your password before saving any changes.

HTML cannot be used in Signatures, but you can add links using the [url=][/url] tags just like adding them to a post.

Go To Top Of PageCensoring Posts

The Forum does not automatically censor posts; however, moderators or the site administrator have the option to edit unacceptable language, delete posts or lock threads.

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