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56 Handloads
22-250, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
37gr BTHP 39.0 grvarget 4,000 fps2.350" CCI LR guest
37 grn Calhoon Double Hollow Point. 5 round groups = .6in out of my Ruger M77 with 24 in. barrel.

40gr hornady 40.5 grVarget 4,225 fps2.335" Fedral GM guest
Wicked load for rockchucks and other varmints!!

40gr BTHP 39.5 grvarget Unknown CCI LR guest
gopher slayer out to 400 yards

40gr FMJ-BT 37.5 grimr 4064 Unknown2.350" Fed LRM guest
sub 3/8in 5 shot groups in factory savage 112 hornady 40gr v max large rifle mag fed gold match prime

40gr BTHP 58.6 grV V N-150 4,000 fps2.370" Fed LR guest
The bullet is a 40 BT Nosler The primer is Federal 210M. In my Remington 700 VSSF with 26" barrel this load shoots in the 0.3’s (5-shot)

40gr XTP 38.5 grIMR-4895 4,050 fps2.45" CCI LRM guest
Remington varminter 26" bull barrel 1/2" groups at 100 yds 40 grain Nosler BT

46gr OPE 36.8 grWin 748 3,815 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 33.1 gr

Pressure: 50,000 CUP

46gr OPE 41.0 grWin 760 3,850 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 36.9 gr

Pressure: 49,000 CUP

46gr BTHP 36.8 grwinchester 748 3,895 fps2.350" CCI LR guest
Kills the ground diggers and log chewers

50gr PSP 35.0 grWin 748 3,660 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 31.5 gr

Pressure: 50,000 CUP

50gr PSP 39.5 grWin 760 3,700 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 35.6 gr

Pressure: 49,200 CUP

50gr V-Max 36.3 grH4895 3,815 fps WLR guest

50gr BTHP 35.0 grIMR3031 3,900 fps Fed LRM guest
this load is very accurate in my winchester model 70 heavy barreled varmint rifle(.30" at 100yds.

50gr BTHP 35.5 grIMR3031 3,900 fps Fed LRM guest

50gr BTHP 36.0 grIMR 4895 3,810 fps Fed LRM guest
shoots .2 all day with Hornady 50gr VMAX

50gr FMJ 34.4 grIMR 3031 3,770 fps CCI LR guest
This load seems to work with any 50 grain bullet out of my father’s my remington 788’s.

50gr JSP 36.5 grVarget 3,717 fps Fed LRM guest
3/8 5 shot@100 second load I tried. 26 inch barrel

50gr BTHP 36.0 grIMR 3031 3,950 fps LR guest
I use Nosler 50grn. ballistic tip with sub MOA, my rifle is a Rem. 700 VLS 26" barrel.Primers are Rem. 9 1/2LR.

50gr JHP 39.0 grH 414 3,550 fps2350" CCI LR guest
Rifle is Winchester M-70 Lightweight with a 22in bbl.Bullet is a Speer 50 gr TNT.Get a solid hit on a crow with this bullet and see the sucker come apart.Also awsome on coyotes as they really drop with a solid hit.Great fun!!--Fred--

50gr BTHP 36.0 grIMR3031 3,950 fps LR guest
BT bullet type.

50gr BTHP 37.0 grH380 Unknown2.385" Win LRM guest
This load shot best in my Savage 12bvss with Nolser 50 gr ballistic tips. Shoots sub 1/2" at 100 and 1" 200. Haven’t shot in on paper past 200. If I remember correct I think the chrony was around 3700fps with a SD of 16.

50gr BTHP 37.0 grvarget 3,853 fps2.350" Win LRM guest
Bullet: Nosler 50gr Bal-Tip. Accuracy: 0.5 MOA Almost TOO fast for my needs. 25.0gr Varget= 2710fps good enought for paper punching. Or 30.0gr IMR-7828SSC=2398 fps 35.0gr =2879fps 40.0gr = 3252 fps

52gr HPBT 38.6 grWin 760 3,595 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 34.7 gr

Pressure: 46,500 CUP

52gr BTHP 37.0 grwin 748 3,720 fps2.44" CCI LR guest
very accurate target load.

52gr BTHP 35.5 grvarget Unknown2.375" Fed LR guest
most accurate load. average 3 shot group is.25" @100yrds best is .215". Bullet is hornady match 52gr. With sierra bullets groups grow to .75 or larger. Gun is savage 112

52gr BTHP 33.0 grWC844 3,690 fps2.426" CCI LRM guest
1/2" accuracy @100 yds. with great velocity for a surplus powder with no pressure signs.

52gr JHP 40.5 grw760 3,620 fps2.390" Win LR guest
very accurate from Ruger m77 mk11 using speer bullet.

Email author: joso 
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52gr JHP 39.5 grw760 Unknown2.390" LR guest
very accurate low pressure using speer bullets and PMC LR primers.

Email author: joso 
See all of joso's loads 
52gr BTHP 35.7 grimr 4320 3,700 fps2.350" Fed LRM guest
1.5" 5 shot group @ 300yds, 26" bull BRl savage, sierra bullets,shot fox at 750 yds

52gr BTHP 38.0 gr380 3,500 fps CCI LR guest
This load is the most consistent load I have found to date. On a good day you can expect groups. Not bad medicine for coyotes.

53gr HP 38.6 grWin 760 3,565 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 34.7 gr

Pressure: 46,500 CUP

55gr SP 34.8 grWin 748 3,500 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 31.3 gr

Pressure: 49,500 CUP

55gr FMJ 35.6 grWin 748 3,665 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 32.0 gr

Pressure: 50,000 CUP

55gr SP 39.0 grWin 760 3,675 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 35.1 gr

Pressure: 49,000 CUP

55gr FMJ 39.5 grWin 760 3,700 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 35.6 gr

Pressure: 47,500 CUP

55gr B-tip 36.0 grh380 Unknown2.008" cci magnum guest

55gr bal.tip 39.2 grh380 3,665 fps rem 9 1/2 guest

55gr JSP 35.8 grimr 4064 Unknown CCI SP guest
Horn 55 gr spsx cci bench rest primer. I shoot remington from bdl to 40x. absolutely the most accurate load i have ever used

55gr JSP 35.8 grVarget 3,610 fps CCI LR guest
26" Savage HB. Temp 95 degrees. Hornady bullet.Keeps velocity w/o high pressure in heat.

55gr JSP 35.3 grRL-15 3,623 fps CCI LR guest
Savage 26" HB. Hornady bullet,WW brass. Temp 90 degrees,keeps velocity when hot or cold.

55gr SP 38.5 grH414 3,650 fps Win LR guest

55gr JSP 35.0 grIMR4320 Unknown LR guest
Uses Speer 55 gr. JSP, R-P brass, Remington 9 1/2 primer. Very accurate from a first-generation, bedded 700V. I used to carry in my wallet a 100 yd, 10-shot group that you could cover with a dime.

55gr BTHP 36.0 grre15 Unknown CCI LR guest

55gr BTHP 32.1 gr4064 3,450 fps2.335" CCI LP guest

55gr BTHP 36.7 grWinchester 760 3,580 fps CCI LR guest
Shoots 3/4 inch group @ 200 yards. Savage Mod. 14 w/o AccuTrigger. Shot several small-medium sized wild hogs with this and it was deadly.

55gr BTHP 30.0 grIMR 3031 Unknown Fed LR guest
Nosler B-Tip Spitzer ,New Savage 26" Model 12FLV/Accutrigger 2.1 OAL with Stoney Point Ogive Tool 1/2-3/4 Inch At 100yrs

55gr JSP 38.0 grH414 3,511 fps2.350" Fed LR guest
Bullet JSPBT, TC83 Rifle .60"group@ 100yds.

55gr JSP 38.0 grH-380 3,450 fps Win LR guest
Bullet is basic Hornady #2265. MV is chrono’d from 22" bbl. (Savage). Have had 4 Savage rifles in this caliber; this load is scary accurate in all. Either I’m lucky or Savage is incredibly consistent in their chambers. Bruce Hodgdon’s original load, which is how he named H-380. Still goin’ strong. :)

55gr JSP 36.2 grH380 Unknown CCI LR guest
Mild and accurate Nosler plastic tipped varmint bullet no pressure 14 twist bedded factory Remington heavy barrel Tubb final finish, Boyd thumbhole, Jewell triger, Tubb firing pin Burris 4.5 to 14 zee rings Badger rail shoots threes to sixes.

55 gr BTHP 36.1 grvarget 3,669 fps CCI LR guest
22" bbl accuracy .75"@100yards

60gr hdy 40.0 grwin 760 Unknown win guest

60gr BTHP 34.1 grvarget 3,500 fps2375" Fed LR guest
i shoot this load out of my factory rem. which is a bdl., 24inch 1-14twist barrel and it consistently punches out .35 inch groups all day.

60gr BTHP 34.1 grvarget 3 fps2.375" Fed LR guest
the bullets i used were the hornady v-max, and the primers were the federal 210match. My rifle is a standard rem.bdl sporter, and will put 5 shots into a 1/2inch at 100 yards. Can’t wait to try it out on coyotes this winter!

60gr JHP 34.0 grIMR4064 Unknownmax" CCI LR guest
This load shoots very well out of my Savage 12BVSS. Consistently under .5" 5 shot groups. Hornady bullets.

69gr BTHP 26.5 grIMR 3031 2,650 fps2.35" CCI LP guest

70gr SP 37.0 grIMR 4831 3,200 fps2.316" CCI LR guest
Bullet is seated .015 off the lands. Shoots less than .75" in a standard 700BDL. Increased powder to 38gr The velosity was less and the head dia was relling me there was less pressure.

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