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82 Handloads
223 Remington, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
40gr Nos BT 28.0 grVarget 3,674 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 25.2 gr

Pressure: 47,200 CUP

40gr Nos BT 28.0 grH335 3,572 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 25.2 gr

Pressure: 44,600 CUP

40gr Nos BT 27.5 grH4895 3,573 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 24.8 gr

Pressure: 44,500 CUP

40gr Nos BT 25.5 grH322 3,574 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 23.0 gr

Pressure: 48,000 CUP

40gr Nos BT 22.5 grH4198 3,601 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 20.3 gr

Pressure: 49,600 CUP

40gr JHP 28.0 grW 748 Unknown2.165" LRM guest
Primers are Rem 71/2BR. Rifle is Ruger #1V. Very accurate load.

40gr FMJ-BT 26.2 grVV N-133 3,750 fps Win SR guest
Using 40gr V-Max loaded to .01 off lands. 5 shot groups under 1/4MOA out of bone stock Rem 700.

40gr SP 28.0 grH335 3,750 fps Fed SPM guest
I like using the Hornady 40 gr. VMAX

40gr BTHP 27.8 grAA2460 3,700 fps????" Fed SRM guest
40 gr Hornady V-Max. Seated .003 off lands. No pressure problems, good velocity, cases are going into the 10th reloading. Neck sizing only with Wilson dies - minimum neck tension bushing and very little brass working. In Remington Model 7 walking varmint.

40gr JSP 23.0 grIMR 4198 3,450 fps2.285" Win SR guest
40gn V-Max, military LC-97 cases (same weight as Win cases) 22" BBL .6" and better 5 shot groups @ 100yds

40gr SP 28.0 grRamShot X-Terminator 3,880 fps2.245" CCI SRM guest
Hornady V-Max Bullets do not blow-up prarie dogs as messily as Sierra Blitz Kings. This is an extremely accurate load in my Ruger Model 77 Mark II Sporter 22" bbl. This is a pressure safe, but MAXIMUM load in a Ruger Mauser action. Be smart: start 10% lighter in powder charge. Cliff

45gr Spitz 21.8 grReloader 7 3,375 fps2.280" Fed 205M Alliant
Suggested starting load: 19.6 gr

Pressure: 53,200 PSI

45gr Spitz 28.0 grReloader 12 3,470 fps2.280" Fed 205M Alliant
Suggested starting load: 25.2 gr

Pressure: 52,800 PSE

45gr JSP 28.0 grWW 748 Unknown2.260" Win SR guest
Bullet is Sierra Hornet #1210. Best 2 five shot 100yd groups off the bench measured .463 and .437 from Howa 1500 synthetic stocked heavy varmint w/Harris BR bipod, 1 in 14 twist bbl, recycled military Lake City brass.

45gr JSP 25.1 grIMR 4895 2,950 fps CCI SR guest

50gr PSP 26.0 grWin 748 3,200 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 23.4 gr

Pressure: 40,000 CUP

50gr SPR SP 26.0 grH335 3,393 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 23.4 gr

Pressure: 51,700 CUP

50gr SPR SP 27.5 grH4895 3,468 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 24.8 gr

Pressure: 51,300 CUP

50gr SPR SP 24.0 grH322 3,301 fps2.280" WLR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 21.6 gr

Pressure: 49,300 CUP

50gr BTHP 26.8 grhodgdon benchmark Unknown2.290" CCI SR guest

50gr FMJ-BT 25.2 grBenchmark 3,600 fps Fed SRM guest
50grn Moly V-Max BT with Small Rifle Match primer. Neck sized only. reamed primer hole inside as well. 1/4" - 3 shot groups at 100yrds 24X scope. Sniper Grade.

50gr JSP 27.0 grH380 Unknown2.20" CCI SR guest
Home made gun, 1:9 twist 24 inch barrel, Hornady 50 gr. spsx varmint bullet, very accurate.

50gr BTHP 27.0 grIMR 4895 Unknown2.260" CCI SRM guest
This is a great load for a heavy barrel Thompson Encore. Accurate out past 500 yards from a 1 in 12 twist 26" barrel. Not sure I would trust the Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet to perform well out at those ranges.

50gr SP 27.5 grBLC2 3,105 fps2.195" Win SR guest
shoots 1.25 inch groups at 100yds from a NEF Handi-rifle with a 22inch bull barrel Bullet is a winchester psp, brass is winchester

50 gr SP 25.5 grbenchmark Unknown Fed SR guest
seat .003" from lands, in my .223 this load is with sierra blitzkings and shoots .166" 3 shot groups consistently.

50gr JHP 26.3 grRamShot X-Terminator 3,550 fps2.240" CCI SRM guest
Speer HP-TNT Bullets. Coyote Load. Remington-Peters brass.

50gr BTHP 26.8 grRamShot X-Terminator 3,520 fps2.250" CCI SRM guest
Hornady V-Max Bullets. I donít load hotter than this for my 22" bbl. Ruger Mod. 77.

50gr BTHP 27.5 grWin. 748 3,250 fps CCI SR guest
This load has worked really well in a Savage 110e. I have a friend who has used it in a New England Handi-Rifle with good results.

50gr BTHP 25.3 grAlliant Reloder 10x 3,535 fps2.245" CCI SR guest
African Mplimbo Load for Jackel Hunting; 1388 ft/lbs muzzle energy; Works well on Coyotes; Deduct 100 fps for 20" barrel; 22" bbl used for Chrony; Bullet: Hornady V-Max; Cliff

Admin Note: Over Alliant max of 23.6gr for a 50gr SP bullet.

50gr JHP 26.8 grRamShot X-Terminator 3,550 fps2.245" CCI SRM guest
Speer HP-TNT Bullet; I call this load "Top Dog," with 1400 ft/lbs of muzzle energy from a 22" barrel; RamShot X-Terminator powder is the cleanest burn I’ve found, while RamShot TAC stinks and smokes a bit when fired. Magnum primers recommended with X-Terminator. Cliff

50gr JSP 25.2 grAlliant Reloder 10x 3,535 fps2.245" CCI SR guest
Hornady V-Max - CCI400 primer - 22" bbl - crisp coyote culler - chronographed velocity - Remington brass - Ruger Model 77 Mark II Sporter - I average 80 rounds a week at 100 yards; Iím getting fairly accurate. Practice is essential.

Admin Note: Over Alliants listed max of 23.6gr

50gr SP 26.0 grH4895 3,250 fps2.185" Win SR guest
1 1/2 inch groups @100yds in NEF Handi-rifle. bullet is a 50grain psp from winchester

52gr HPBT 25.5 grWin 748 3,160 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 23.0 gr

Pressure: 40,500 CUP

52gr HPBT 20.9 grReloader 7 3,165 fps2.280" Fed 205M Alliant
Suggested starting load: 18.8 gr

Pressure: 53,300 PSI

52gr HPBT 27.5 grReloader 12 3,310 fps2.280" Fed 205M Alliant
Suggested starting load: 24.8 gr

Pressure: 52,700 PSI

52gr BTHP 25.5 grBL-C (2) Unknown2.300" Win SR guest
Prairie Dogs @ 400 Yds.

52gr BTHP 25.0 grH335 2,807 fps2.255" Win SR guest
I have used this load with 52 gr. Sierra BTHP that have been moly coated. My standard deviation was 18 and they were very accurate.

53gr HP 26.0 grWin 748 3,200 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 23.4 gr

Pressure: 43,500 CUP

55gr FMJ 22.6 grWin 748 2,750 fps WSR guest
Another from the Winchester manual

55gr Speer SP 23.0 grH322 3,100 fps2.2" WSR guest
From the Hodgon 2000 manual

55gr PSP 26.3 grWin 748 3,150 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 23.7 gr

Pressure: 39,000 CUP

55gr FMJ 26.2 grWin 748 3,170 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 23.6 gr

Pressure: 41,000 CUP

55gr SPR SP 25.3 grH335 3,203 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 22.8 gr

Pressure: 49,300 CUP

55gr SPR SP 26.0 grH4895 3,315 fps2.280" WSR Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 23.4 gr

Pressure: 49,000 CUP

55gr FMJBT 20.5 grReloader 7 3,080 fps2.280" Fed 205M Alliant
Suggested starting load: 18.5 gr

Pressure: 52,400 PSI

55gr FMJBT 27.5 grReloader 12 3,255 fps2.280" Fed 205M Alliant
Suggested starting load: 24.8 gr

Pressure: 52,200 PSI

55gr fmj 22.0 grimr-4831 Unknown  guest

55gr FMJ-BT 26.0 grWin 748 2,951 fps2.248" CCI 400 guest
Colt HBAR 20"

55gr JSP 26.5 grwc846 3,005 fps CCI SRM guest
hornady bullet,Win brass.Temp 80 degrees. H&R single shot. Under 1" at 100 Meters.

55gr JSP 21.3 grADI AR2207 Unknown Win SR guest
Great accuracy. less than 1" groups in my light barreled varminter. Max charge with 22gr does 3200fps. With 21.3gr i’m guessing around 3140 fps

55gr FMJ-BT 24.0 grAccurate 2230 Unknown SR guest
Works great! I shoot this with once fired brass (Q3131A or PMC) and Win 55gr FMJ-BT bullets. Sub 1" groups at 100yds consistently from my AR-15.

55gr FMJ-BT 25.5 grHodgdon H-335 Unknown2.245" CCI SRM guest
A very accurate military ball duplication. This load consistently yields 5/8" groups at 100 yds from my Colt Sporter with a stainless steel Kreiger match barrel.

55gr BTHP 25.3 grh335 Unknown Fed SRM guest

55gr BTHP 22.0 grvithavuori 133 Unknown CCI SP guest

55gr BTHP 27.6 grreloader 15 Unknown2.410" Fed SR guest
Most accurate load to date for my 700 varmint. Watch oal this is 10/1000ths off my rifling. Also cases are rem. neck turned and neck sized only. With fed. match primers.

55gr BTHP 24.0 grh 322 Unknown CCI SP guest

55gr BTHP 24.0 grvihtavuory 133 Unknown CCI SP guest

55gr FMJ-BT 24.0 graccurate 2230 Unknown.324" Win SR guest
Powder is great to work with.

55gr SP 26.0 grH4895 3,100 fps2.215" CCI SP guest
I have taken several deer with this load.It will shoot .750 5 shot groups in my hunting also functions well in my AR-15.

55gr FMJ 25.0 grVarget 2,750 fps CCI SR guest

55gr SP 24.0 grIMR3031 2,960 fps2.235" Win SR guest
shoots 1.5in groups at 100yds, with a NEF Handi-rifle 22in bull barrel. Bullet is a winchester psp. Brass is winchester

55gr FMJ-BT 26.5 grwinchester 748 2,930 fps2.220" Win SR guest
shoots a 1in group at 100yds with a NEF Handi-rifle 22in bull barrel. Bullet is a winchester fmjbt. Brass is winchester

55gr FMJ-BT 27.5 gr hogdon varget 3,100 fps Fed SR guest
this is a compressed load that is superbly accurate. bullet used is 55gr v-max explosive on small game.

55gr JSP 24.0 grH322 3,203 fps CCI SR guest
From 20" BBl Bushmaster Preditor. fired from Harris bipod at 100 yards, three five shot groups of 1.09", 1.24" and 2.03" Bullet is Hornady JSP with cannulure. Sources: Speer and Hornady Handbooks velocity from competition electronics chronograph.

55gr BTHP 25.0 grAlliant Reloder 10x 3,390 fps2.260" CCI SR guest
1403 ft/lbs of muzzle energy; CCI 400 primer; Combined Technologies (Nosler)(Winchester) Ballistic Silver Tip Bullet; Chronyed Velocity - 3390 fps; "Werewolf Killer"; Cliff

Admin Note: Alliant does not list this powder with a 55gr bullet, and lists 23.6gr as max with a 50gr. Approach this load with caution.

55 gr BTHP 24.0 grAA 2015 3,240 fps Win SR guest
1 small clover leaf group at 100 yrds out of my AR-15 and clean burning

55gr SP 24.7 grBenchMark 3,100 fps2.280" CCI SR guest
This load will make one ragged hole at 100 yards in my NEF. I load both Horn and Nosler 55ís. Both shoot great. BenchMark powder is very clean. Use Winchester and LC brass. Great coyote load.

Admin Note: Hodgdon max 23.2gr

55gr BTHP 25.0 grreloader 15 Unknown2.240" Fed SR guest
this load is very accurate from my CZ527. 5 shot, 100yd, .5" consistently. works well on coyotes out to 400+yd. bullets are Hornady 55gr. V-max w/moly.

55 Ggr FMJ-BT 25.0 grH335 3,000 fps2.22" CCI SR guest
Very nice load for AR 15. I found it to be extremelly acurate at 100 m. Worked action of gun perfectly. Very clean and no misfires. 1 in 12 twist 24" barrel

60gr SP 24.0 grAA2015BR 3 fps2.270" SRM guest
This load, using Winchester brass and a Nosler 60g bullet that was cancelled about 10 years ago, shoots groups that are dependably less than half an inch in my "stock" Ruger 77, stainless/synthetic. When Nosler cancelled this bullet I bought all I could find and only have about 300 left. When I run out I guess I’ll start using the 69g Sierra...

60gr BTHP 26.2 grreloader 15 3,140 fps2.290" CCI SR guest
Excellent coyote load. Suggest starting at 25grs. Using Sierra BTHP varminters.

62gr FMJ 25.5 grWin 748 2,985 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 23.0 gr

Pressure: 49,200 PSI

68gr BTHP 25.5 grVarget 2,960 fps2.308" CCI SR guest
26" barrel with 1 in 9 twist averages about .275" with my 60 year old eyes. Bullets are seated to engage rifling by about .002"

68.0gr BTHP 24.9 grvarget 2,800 fps CCI SR guest
Good load for a 1-8 twist-----finally----1/4 patterns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

69gr HPBT 24.5 grWin 748 2,870 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 22.1 gr

Pressure: 51,500 PSI

69gr BTHP 25.0 grVihtavuori N140 Unknown57,6" CCI SRM guest
This is the Pet load of most competitors in AR15 matches in Luxembourg Bullet is Sierra 1380

Admin note: OAL 2.244"

69 gr BTHP 26.0 grVarget Unknown Fed SP guest
The most accurate load I’ve ever shot. I could easily cover 5 shots with a dime at 100 yards.

69 gr BTHP 22.5 grH 335 Unknown2.325" CCI SR guest
1 in 9 twist in new Savage low profile varmit 26" barrel. 5 shot at 100 yards was .57" in windy conditions.

69gr BTHP 26.0 grvarget Unknown2.23" Win SP guest
All the time, 5 bullet group in one hole. (firearms : savage 10 fp)

69gr BTHP 24.0 grvargent 2,625 fps Fed SR guest

75gr BTHP 24.5 grvarget 2,700 fps2.265" Win SR guest
This load workes well in my ar15. For me and my rifle it holds a 6" x-ring at 600 yards. With half a grain less powder. I push 80gr bullets in to a 4" group at 600. It a good wind load 15-20 mph.

80gr HPBT 24.0 grReloader 15 2,800 fps2.280" Fed 205M Alliant
Suggested starting load: 21.6 gr

Pressure: 53,000 PSI

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