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46 Handloads
243 Winchester, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr spbt 42.5 grImr 4350 Unknown2.610" CCI 200 guest
My wifes pet load cant wait to see what it will do to a whitetail

100gr BTHP 31.0 grAA1680 2,717 fps2.7" Win LR guest
The bullet is Sierra 100 SPBT (#1560), but is also great with the 100 SPT (#1540). This load fills the case to approx 61% and gives 1 to 1.25 inch 3 shot groups @ 100 Yds.

100gr SP 47.0 gr4350 Unknown CCI LR guest
Really good

100gr SP 45.0 grIMR 4350 3,140 fps2640" CCI LR guest
Rifle is Remington 788 with a 22 inch barrell.This load should be reduced 2 grains to start.Will shoot sub moa 3 shot groups in my 788 if I do my part.Brass used is winchester. Excellent whitetail load. Drops em in their tracks.Try the partition type bullets as they hold together best.They also don’t jell as much meat on impact.Some hunters think the .243 is a little to light for whitetais.I’ve taken enough whitetails to know it does work very well indeed.--Fred--

105gr SP 42.8 grIMR 4350 2,890 fps2.710" CCI LR guest
This is a great shooting load in my Savage Model 10. It took a Axis deer buck at 225 yds with one shot that weighed 265 lbs before we field dressed him. *THIS IS A HOT LOAD.ALMOST 5 GRAINS OVER MAX ACCORDING TO THE SPEER LOAD BOOK. WORK UP TO CAREFULLY!!!

105gr BTHP 42.5 grR22 2,889 fps2.643" Fed LR guest
M210 primer. Savage 12BVSS. 42.2-42.5 grains is sweet spot for this powder in my gun. 105 Hornaday A Max bullet

Over Alliants listed max

105gr BTHP 46.0 grH1000 Unknown2.643" Fed LR guest
Haven’t run this thur the chronograph. Savage 12BVSS. One hole at 100 yds. Fed M210 primers

55gr BST 52.4 grH414 3,950 fps2.710" Fed 210 guest
Data from Nosler #4. Flat shooting, devastating varmint round. This is the new Combined Technologies 55 gr boat tail ballistic tip (moly).

55gr XTP 46.5 grADI 2208 3,900 fps CCI SP guest
ADI is Australain made powders

55gr BTHP 52.5 grH414 4,054 fps2.710" CCI LR guest
VERY accurate & destructive round for small game. Chroned @ 15’ from 25" barrel. Consistant sub 1/2" groups.

55gr SP 41.0 grVarget 3,580 fps2.655" Win LR guest
Shoots a 1.25inch group at 100yds with a NEF Handi-rifle 24in bull barrel. Bullet is a blitzking. Brass is winchester.

55gr SP 48.0 grIMR4350 3,580 fps2.655" Win LR guest
Shoots a 1in group at 100yds in a NEF Handi-rifle 24in bull barrel, Bullet is a blitzking. Brass is winchester.

55gr FMJ-BT 44.5 gr4895 4,000 fps2.680" CCI LR guest
this is in a remington 700.

Admin Note: H4895 lists this as a max load IMR4895 lists 44.0 as max load

58gr BTHP 44.5 grVarget 3,875 fps Win LR guest
bullet type is vmax hornady Load is slightly short of max but has turned out as a one holer. not yet measured overall length

58gr BTHP 38.5 grIMR 3031 Unknown2.650" CCI SP guest
This recipe, which includes the 58gr. Hornady V-max. bullet, shot very tight groups out of my Savage 110 @ 150yds. Excellent predator hunting load.

58gr JSP 48.0 grH380 3,690 fps2.64" Win LR guest
58gr V-Max. Remington Case. Low Pressure load in my rifle. 3 shots in less that 1/2 inch @ 100 yards.

65gr BTHP 41.0 grVarget Unknown Fed LR guest
65gr Hornady V-Max. Federal Match Primers. Great accuracy.

70gr JSP 38.0 grVarget Unknown Fed LRM guest
Bullet is Nosler 70gr Ballistic Tip. Seat bullet .005-.010 from lands.

70gr SP 41.7 grVarget 3,575 fps2.596" LR guest
This is a very flat shooter out of my 12BVSS {note 9 1/2 remington large rifle primer} nosler {blastic tip}

70gr JHP 48.0 grw760 3,540 fps2.700" Win LR guest
After working up very carefully to this load the groups tightend up. started at 45.5gn win 760 groups were 1.6". They are now less than 1 inch at 100 metres.Im using 70 tnt speer bullets. Great on varmints .

Email author: joso 
See all of joso's loads 
70gr JHP 41.0 grBM2 3,570 fps2.700" Win LR guest
ADI powder tnt 70gn speer. This load is hot. Shot a raged hole with five shots at 100 meters the tnt bullets work well in my ruger 26 inch barrel. all cases wre previously fireformed. neck sized only.

Email author: joso 
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75gr HP 43.0 grWin 760 3,320 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 38.7 gr

Pressure: 49,000 CUP

75gr hpbt 41.0 grw748 Unknown cci guest
very hot but no serious pressure signs

75gr V-max 42.4 grH414 Unknown win lr guest

75gr BTHP 38.2 grhodgdon varget Unknown2.663" Win LR guest
a little less than 1/4" 5 shot group at 100 meters out of a 26" medium varmint ruger m 77 1:9" twist. Hornady V-max bullet

75 gr JHP 47.5 grH414 Unknown CCI LRM guest
Zastava Mauser action/Shaw 24" nearly full bull barrel. Velocity approx 3400 fps and is devastating on Rockchucks. Smallest group is .232" @ 100 yards using these Sierra #1510 bullets.

Admin Note: Hodgdon max load 46.0gr

80gr PSP 43.5 grWin 760 3,280 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 39.2 gr

Pressure: 51,000 CUP

80gr BTHP 47.0 grIMR4831 3,370 fps2.68" Win LR guest
1 1/4 inch groups @100yds in NEF Handi-rifle, with a 24in bull barrel. bullet is an 80 grain, moly coated, Berger flat base.

85gr HP 40.5 grWin 760 3,150 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 36.5 gr

Pressure: 49,000 CUP

85gr BTHP 40.4 grIMR 4350 3,065 fps2.629" LR guest
Sierra Gameking BTHP 9 1/2 remington primer Verry acurate Shot {.526@200} in my savage 12BVSS

85gr SP 43.3 grReloader 19 Unknown2.670" Fed LP guest
Nosler Partition Great Close Range Deer Load!

85gr JSP 45.0 grAR2209 3,255 fps2.700" Win LR guest
devoled this load for feral goats using 85 gn Siera BLITZ. they do the job very nicely.

Email author: joso 
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85gr BTHP 40.0 grVarget 2,980 fps2.65" Win LR guest
This load is 2 grains over max since it is loaded with a Barnes TSX. Very accurate (.5 @ 100) with good velocity out of a 20" barrel.

Admin Note: Hodgdons max is 38.0gr

85gr BTHP 43.0 grH414 3,090 fps2.625" Fed LRM guest
Bullet used:Speer #1213 BT,Primer used: Fed. GM215M (Match Grade),Win. fire-formed and neck sized case,trim:2.035,no crimp. This load made it all worth it building my Mauser/heavy barrel. Best Group .5" @200yds. Target scope on 20X.

87gr SP 40.5 grAR2208 3,230 fps2.700" Win LR guest
very tight grouping using Hornady VMAX bullets.I worked this load up from 36gn in a Ruger km77vt 26inch barrel.

Email author: joso 
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87 gr BTHP 37.4 grhodgdon varget Unknown2.663" Win LR guest
this is actually the 87 gr v-max. 5 shots at 100 meters left one hole out of a 1979 production ruger m 77 with a medium varmint 26 in bbl.

87gr SP 40.5 grIMR 4350 3,200 fps2.62" CCI LR guest
i cut holes with this set up. i can’t wait to try it in the field.

90gr SP 46.0 grH 4831 sc 3,080 fps2.710" CCI LRM guest
.957" @ 100yds Should work good on the deer in south Texas. Remington cases, trim to 2.020". Speer bullets, Savage 10 rifle, goning to try this load out this year

90gr BTHP 41.0 grIMR 4350 2,870 fps2.775" Win LR guest
90 grn Swift scirocco 2 bullet. I trim the case .01" under max. I use Lee neck resizing dies and lee bullet seater. RCBS rock chucker press, RCBS trimmer and beam scale. Just the stuff that came with the kit years ago. I shoot this out of my Howa Thumbhole sporter. 22" barrel 1-10" twist. I have full floated the barrel myself and did a trigger job myself to get it to 2.5 lbs. This load holds 5 shot 0.5" groups at 150 yds. I have used this round to take 2 whitetails. The 1st at 52 yds. Broadside. hit behind shoulder. jellied the lungs and left a 1.25" hole going out. No real meat damage exept the meat very close to the wound. 2nd deer was at 183 yds same broadside shot, same placement. Lungs were jelly, only diffence was a 1" exit hole. Both deer took 1 full step, started to lose balance, then took 1 small steadying step, then fell over kicked and expired. Needless to say I’m happy!!

95gr SP 45.0 grimr 4831 3,135 fps2.71" Win LRM guest
95 gr ballistic tip deadly on whitetail and mulies

95gr SP 43.5 grN560 3,036 fps2.772" LR guest
Nosler CT Bal-Tip Remington 9 1/2 this shot .361@100 in my 12BVSS

95gr BTHP 42.0 grIMR4350 Unknown2.670" Win LR guest
pretty much IMR’S recomended load.used combined technologies 95gr. balistic silver tip. 3 round groups were touching(or just about touching)@100yrds, using remington 700.they are a little hot for my wife though(its her gun)so back to the drawing board!

95gr BTHP 35.0 grIMR4350 Unknown2.670" Win LR guest

95gr BTHP 34.6 grvarget Unknown CCI LR guest
Nosler Ballastic Tip 95 grain, lapua brass shot through Tikka M595 1/10 twist - head seated .02 from lands no excess pressure showing 3 shots= 1 hole at 100 yards -perfect small deer load

95gr BTHP 36.5 grIMR 4064 Unknown CCI LR guest

95gr SP 47.0 grH4831 Unknown CCI LRM guest
Used for over 22 years in Sako Forester with no problems or signs of over pressure. Now use H4831 Short cut with no apparent changes. Normally 8 loadings per brass prior to discard. Nosler 95 grain Partition very effective on whitetail and hogs. Also very accurate for 95 grain Ballistic Tip although I have not used this bukllet on game larger than turkey.

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