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27 Handloads
25-06 Remington, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr BTHP 50.5 grIMR Unknown CCI LR guest

100gr SP 52.7 grIMR4350 Unknown3.250" Fed LR guest
Excellent accuracy and trajectory.

100gr JSP 52.0 grimr 4350 3,200 fps CCI LR guest
Dont have a chrono but this load is listed as a max in my manual so work up to it of course. The rifle is a ruger M77 (orange but pad for you ruger freaks). It has a 26 inch magnum weight barrel. I have a simmons 6.5-24X scope on it and this load is a one ragged hole shooter at 100 yards. The bullet is a sierra game king. My rifle does not like any boat tail bullets that I have found. OAL is actually quite short, will have to measure one and update this (if I can figure out how).

Email author: gltm 
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100gr BTHP 58.0 grRL 22 3,550 fps CCI LR guest

100gr BTHP 54.0 grw-w 760 3,680 fps CCI SP guest

100gr JSP 54.0 grIMR 4831 3,400 fps CCI LR guest
I have use this in a few guns. It is from a older manual long since updfated and may be a bit warm. I am a fan of Federal brass in the 25-06. Use the Nosler Part. at this velocity for a game load. The Speer BTSP is a bomb on varmits at this speed, way cool.

100gr BTHP 47.0 grh414 3,150 fps3.225" Win LR guest
use a nosler balistic tip

100gr SP 51.0 grIMR 4350 3,168 fps3.195" CCI LRM guest
Great Whitetail load! 5-shot group size is .633 at 100yds. speer bullets touching the riflings in TC Encore 26" stainless bull barrel. Start at 49 grains and work up.Excessive pressure signs began to show around 52.5 grains

100gr BTHP 40.5 grIMR 4895 3,100 fps3.220" Win LR guest

117gr BTHP 56.5 grIMR7828 Unknown3.310" CCI LRM guest
Bullets are Hornady BTSP

117gr SP 54.0 grReloader 22 3,010 fps3.150" CCI LR guest
Primer- CCI Benchrest #2 Large Rifle Case length-2.484 Cases- Remington Rifle- Ruger MkII All weather Bullet- 117 gr SST HDY 54.0 grs of RL 22 shoots just under 1"(.987) I think that it would shoot better, but the ruger has a sloppy trigger.

117gr SP 49.0 grimr 3,050 fps3.310" Win LR guest
This load is very accurate sub moa in all 25.06 I have owned. CLOSE TO MAX BE CAREFULL!

117gr SP 49.0 grh4350 Unknown CCI SP guest

117gr BTHP 40.0 grvarget 2,700 fps Fed LR guest
this sounds like a strange combo but with a 117 gr sierra spbt it makes every 5 shot group under .5". best group is .307". bullet is .015 off rifeling in savage 110 box rifle.

117gr BTHP 56.5 grReloader 22 3,240 fps Fed LR guest
The bullets are Hornady 117gr BTSP (interlock), primers are Fed 210 match, brass is Winchester. The bullets are seated .005 from the lands. The velocity is an average of 3240 (ranged from 3220 to 3252). This load shoots well out of my Remington BDL. I get 5 shot groups of 1 inch or less.

120gr SP 50.5 grIMR4350 3,100 fps3.225" Fed LR guest
In my opinion, this is the perfect antelope load. I use the Nosler partition bullet because at this velocity a close shot will cause bullet failure on lightly constructed bullets. MPBR is 322 yds. with a retained energy of 1460 @ 300 yds. This is a fairly hot load, work up slowly.

Email author: gman 
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120gr BTHP 54.0 grH4831 3,100 fps CCI LRM guest
Sierra Bullet. Charge is over max. by one grain. Good long range white-tail load from Remington 700 Sendero.

120gr SP 48.4 grIMR 4350 2,936 fps Win LR guest
Nosler Partition seat touching lands this shot .368@100 in my Rem 700 BDL one shot kill on mulie @ 317 yrds with range finer.

120gr BTHP 48.0 grIMR 4350 2,896 fps Win LR guest
Sierra BTHP seat touching lands this shot .344@100 in my 700BDL

120gr BTHP 50.7 grwxr by winchester 2,975 fps Win LR guest
Works on the dune coons and ground diggers

120gr BTHP 50.5 grIMR7828 2,790 fps3.140" Win LR guest
1.5inch groups at 100yds whith a NEF Ultra 26in barrel. Bullet is a Sierra 120hpbt. Brass is winchester. Very little recoil.

120gr BTHP 47.5 grIMR4350 Unknown CCI LR guest
Was consistently shooting about 1 inch at 200 yds.

75gr BTHP 55.0 grIMR-4350 3,500 fps3.190" CCI LRM guest
Extremely accurate in my 1-10 twist rifle,Came to LIFE with magnum primer!

85gr SP 53.1 gr4831 3,000 fps CCI LR guest

87gr speer 55.5 grimr4831 Unknown cci guest

87gr BTHP 55.0 grimr4350 Unknown CCI SP guest
good varmit load an coyote load speer tnt 87 gr hpbt

90gr BTHP 54.0 grW-W 760 3,650 fps CCI LR guest

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