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6 Handloads
257 Roberts, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr SP 46.5 grH 4350 Unknown2.885" Win LR guest
Good whitetail load. .527" @100yrds. from my ruger m77. This load is for +P cases suggest starting at 45.0 grs.

117gr JSP 48.0 grH4831 2,850 fps2.937" Fed LR guest
The velocity is out of a 22" barrel and the rifle is a Remington 700 long action. This load consistently groups under 1 MOA. At the velocity achieved the 117 gr. Hornady SPBT performs well on deer and feral hogs.

117gr JSP 49.0 grH4831 2,926 fps2.937" Fed LR guest
Admin Note: Hodgdons max is 46.0gr with a 115gr bullet at 2,760 fps

75gr BTHP 48.0 grH-380 3,525 fps2.801" Win LR guest
Excellent varmint load. Hot load using +P brass. Start at 46grs. 5 shot group of .435 @ 100yrds. from ruger m77.

85gr BTHP 43.0 grimr 4064 3,650 fps CCI LR guest
Bullets used are Nos. Ball. Tips. As far as Vel., it depends of course on many variables,ex. air temp., rifle used (barrel length),etc. And as for OAL. I would have to look at my data as I am only going from memory at this moment and have way to many recipies to be accurate w/ that info. obviously that would change (thousandths) depending also on which rifle as chamber/throat is not the same in all my rifles in that cal.

87gr BTHP 50.0 grH 4350 Unknown2.940" Fed LR guest
Most accurate load found .296" @100. Loaded to touch rifling. Neck turned, Neck sized, and flash hole deburred. Using winchester +P cases.

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