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16 Handloads
270 WSM, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
130gr SP 63.3 grIMR 4350 3,250 fps2.730" Fed LRM guest
3 shot group 1/2 moa great hunting load

130gr BTHP 67.0 grR22 3,330 fps2.835" Fed LRM guest
this load is accurate at 300 yards

130gr BTHP 76.0 grmrp2 3,320 fps2.860" Win SRM guest
i shot several groups with this powder and load ,all groups are 5 shot groups the smallestwas.323 to.970 and were safe in my rifle.

135gr BTHP 66.0 grRL-19 Unknown Win LRM guest

140gr BTHP 72.5 grAA Magpro 3,260 fps2.80" CCI LRM guest
This load shoots consistant 3/4" groups from a factory Remington M700 SPS. Extreme spread is only 8fps! This is with a Nosler AccuBond 140gr bullet.

140gr BTHP 57.5 grH4350 3,050 fps2.80" Win LR guest

140gr SP 72.5 grMagPro Unknown2.778" Win LRM guest
Very flat shooting and sub MOA at 100 yrds. Barnes XBT 140gr. Savage .270 12FVSS.

140gr BTHP 74.0 grMagPro 3,375 fps2.82" Win LRM guest
Max load-Start lower and work up in your rifle. .6 to .7 groups in my Mod 70

140gr SP 65.0 grvihtavuori N-165 3,000 fps2.84" Fed LR guest
Very consistent, averages less than 1 inch 3 shot groups at 100 yards. Nosler Accubond bullet.

140gr BTHP 66.0 grR19 3,211 fps2.855" Win LRM guest
this load is safe in my m70 and is very accurate.

140gr BTHP 72.0 grmag pro 3,200 fps2.860" Win LRM guest
i load the 140 grain accubond by nosler

150gr SP 68.0 grv160 3,200 fps3.35" Fed LRM guest
.270 weatherby

160gr JSP 69.0 grH1000 2,825 fps2.80" Win LR guest

160gr SP 60.5 grMagPro Unknown2.775" Win LRM guest
Worked up this load for this years Elk hunt here in Idaho. Sub MOA @100 yrds, in new Savage 12fvss, .270 WSM. Very pleased!!! Nosler S-SP Partition

90gr BTHP 69.5 grvarget Unknown CCI LP guest

90gr JHP 66.0 grAccurate XMR-4350 Unknown2.713" Fed LR guest
Shot two 3 shot groups at 100 yards that averaged .36 of an inch. Sierra 90 gr HP out of a Model 70 Super Shadow 24" barrel. Should chronograph around 3500 fps, or better.

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