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47 Handloads
270 Winchester, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr PSP 56.0 grWin 760 3,335 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 50.4 gr

Pressure: 48,000 CUP

110gr BTHP 48.5 grVARGET 3,230 fps CCI SP guest
I used a v-max bullet. very low recoil.

110gr BTHP 58.3 grIMR 4350 3,255 fps3.35" Fed LR guest
At 100 yards - 3/4" group with 10 shoots Bullet: 110grain HP Hornaby Barrel lenght - 23.5"

Email author: fe 
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110gr BTHP 49.5 grIMR 4064 Unknown LR guest
ruger all weather stainless. very accurate. 110 hornady hp excellent on deer less than 250yds. super explosive and all the bullets energy is absorbed by the deer giving an instant kill.

110gr SP 58.0 grReloader 19 Unknown3.228" Win LR guest
Have been using this load since I hunt somewhat close to houses. All bullets stayed inside on broadside shots and exited on a high neck shot. Very nice shooting load that is easy on the shoulder and ears. Loads should be around 3150 fps and are just off the rifling using Winchester nickel brass.

130gr SP 58.0 grWXR 3,050 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 52.2 gr

Pressure: 59,500 PSI

130gr SP 52.0 grWin 760 2,990 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 46.8 gr

Pressure: 49,500 CUP

130gr Win PP 43.5 grIMR4064 2,675 fps3.267" CCI 200 guest
Accuracy load in Lyman 45th Edition. Very accurate and mild. 2650 fps in 22" barrel.

130gr pwr poin 55.0 grimr 4831 Unknown3.3" fed. 210 guest

130gr sp. bt. 54.9 grimr 4350 Unknown CCI guest
In my model 700 this load holds a 1/2 inch group at 100 yards and one downfall is i have a 2X7 redfield scope and that means that the load may hold a closer group than a 1/2 an inch

130gr BTHP 56.0 grIMR 4831 3,001 fps CCI SP guest

130gr SP 54.9 grIMR-4350 Unknown CCI LR guest
I use this load in my Remington 700 ADL and it gives me about 1/2" or less shot group at 100yds. The bullet is a Serria 130gr. Spitzer Boattail. I dont recomend that you use this load on anything but a bolt action because its pushing the max. load.

130gr BTHP 54.5 grimr4350 3,050 fpsmax" Win LR guest
Using either Sierra or Norma spitzer boatails produces .5" to 1" groups consistantly. Close to MAX work up slow. This is the only load I use in my pre-war model 70.

130gr SP 60.0 grH4831 3,220 fps3.363" Fed LR guest
Primer: Fed. 215, Excellent hunting load. Bullet: Nosler partition 130 grain spitzer 11/2" goup at 300 yards - 3 shoots, Barrel lenght: 23.5"

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130gr SP 60.0 grH4831 3,220 fps3.363" Fed LR guest
Primer: Fed. 215, Excellent hunting load. Bullet: Nosler partition 130 grain spitzer 11/2" goup at 300 yards - 3 shoots, Barrel lenght: 23.5"

Email author: fe 
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130gr JSP 57.0 grRL-22 3,020 fps3.34"" CCI LR guest
Win 70 24",R-P brass,Nosler partition,tested at 90 degrees,good working load

130gr BTHP 60.0 grH4831sc 3,039 fps CCI LR guest
Win 70 24",R-P brass,core-lokt bullet.Temp 60 degrees

130gr BTHP 58.0 grRL-22 3,055 fps CCI LR guest
Win 70 24",R-P brass hornady spire point,Temp 90 degrees

130gr BTHP 54.5 grimr4350 3,000 fps3.3" Win LR guest
tried and true long range deer load. I’ve used in my old prewar model 70 and my ruger 77. always under an inch at 100 yds. Suggest starting at 52grs and working up from there, moal is right out of the sierra manual. I’ve used both sierra and norma bullets, same results.

130gr SP 56.8 grRL 22 3,060 fps3.300" CCI LRM guest
Wasn’t getting near the velocity listed in the manual despite maxing the load (never beat 2800 fps). Swithced to CCI 250 Magnum Primer and started again. I chronographed 20 rounds and averaged at 3060 fps. None of the rounds deviated more than 20 fps. Consistently shoots 3/4 inch groups through my Ruger M77 MII. I use federal cases and Sierra Game Kings.

130gr SP 56.2 grReloder 22 2,980 fps CCI LR guest
Win. brass, Sierra Game King. Rem. 700 ADL, 22 inch bbl, consistently shoots under 1 in groups @ 100 yds. Used on deer, wild hogs, all dead before they hit the ground.

130gr JSP 58.0 grReloader 22 Unknown CCI LR guest
Of course this is not fair because this Ruger shoots factory loads (any) equally well. Hornady 130 gr sp with the bullet crimped on the criping groove as COL. The groups are sub 0.5 inch.

130gr SP 58.0 grReloader 22 Unknown CCI LR guest
These are just the generic Hornady soft point bullets, great accuracy and performance, sorry no speed numbers...

130gr JSP 58.0 grReloader 22 Unknown CCI LR guest
Very accurate. Crimped on the crimping groove.

130gr BTHP 49.8 grIMR 4064 Unknown Win LR guest
Sierra game king bullet, Winchester primer, Federal brass

130gr SP 56.5 grIMR4350 3,175 fps CCI LRM guest
shoots like laser. this load is good for deer out to 420 yard or better.

Editor note: IMR max load is 55.0gr with a 130gr Nosler at 3.250" OAL

130gr BTHP 56.0 grH 4350 3,100 fps CCI LR guest

Hodgdon max 54.3gr
- Admin

130gr SP 52.6 grIMR 7828 3,272 fps CCI SP guest
i have been loading since i was little, starting off with reloading .357 mag. and .44 mag. when i turned 10, i am now 18, and have my own .270, and have found that IMR 7828, with a winchester casing, and nosler 130 GR. SP are insane down around 300 yards. +2.7" approx. and with a pretty good down range impact. last season i took a 10 pt. 215 pound buck at 327 yards, and the bullet had more impact and expansion then i have ever seen.. figured id share it with you.

130gr BTHP 58.0 grIMR 4831 3,019 fps LR guest
Load seem to work well in many 270s. Will shoot close to an inch in 2 out of the three of mine....

Admin note: Above IMR max of 55.8gr

130gr SP 55.0 grIMR4350 2,950 fps CCI LP guest
this is a max. load - reduce by 10% safe in my 700 and produces consistant sub MOA groups

130gr JSP 54.0 grIMR 4350 3,000 fps Win LR guest
Worked this load for my 1965 Remington 700. Shoots 1/2" at 100yds with Nosler BT. Love 4350 for the 270. Great accuracy and very efficient vel vs pressure. Actual chronographed velocity @10ft was 2980-3010fps over 10 consecutive rounds. I dont recall the OAL but remember setting it about .020 shy of the lands for minimal freebore. Hope it shoots as good for you as it does me.

130 gr BTHP 52.5 grimr 4350 2,935 fps3.25" Win LR guest
.540 group @ 100yds

130gr FMJ-BT 61.9 grH4831sc 3,144 fps3.218" Fed LR guest
I used it in two guns. The 24" vanguard shot the speed above. Very consistent. My 22" rem 700 shot it at 3060 fps. Very consistent shot to shot. The bullet was 130gr hornady SST crimped in the crimp groove. Note: This is max load so start lower and work up! Have fun!

130gr BTHP 49.0 grIMR 4064 Unknown CCI LR guest
Remington 700 stainless rifle, Nosler Ballistic tip. This was O’Connor’s load and I can see why. Very deadly and it shoots 1/2’ @ 100 yrds. Have to work out seating depths.

140gr SBT 60.0 grWXR 2,930 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 54.0 gr

Pressure: 59,400 PSI

140gr Nslr SBT 50.5 grIMR4831 Unknown Federal guest

140gr SP 0.0 gr4350 Unknown CCI LR guest

140gr BTHP 55.4 grIMR 4831 2,950 fps Fed LR guest
bullet is seated by adjusting the die 1 turn off the lands. Give excellent accuracy in my rifle and awsome stopping power. This is a near max load work up carefully.

140gr BTHP 51.0 grH4350 3,150 fps Fed LPM guest
very fast, extremely accurate

150gr SP 59.5 grWXR 2,845 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 53.6 gr

Pressure: 60,300 PSI

150gr SP 49.0 grWin 760 2,725 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 44.1 gr

Pressure: 48,500 CUP

150gr BTHP 45.0 grimr 4350 Unknown3.14" CCI LP guest

150gr BTHP 53.7 grIMR 4831 Unknown3.340" Fed LR guest
Nosler 150 Grain Ballistic Tip, Federal 210 Primers

150 gr SP 53.0 grIMR- 4350 2,850 fps3.340" Win LR guest
I used this load last season -2005 in Colorado.Speer 150 gr spitzer BT. Rifle Browning A-Bolt. Consistent groups under 1" at 100yrds.Best is .850 group Real performer with this powder. No excess pressure marks either. Accurate for me. Hope this helps

150gr SP 58.5 grH-4831 2,885 fps Win LR guest
This is my most reliable load in many years of .270 use. Hornady 150 grain spirepoint interlock. I seat it .030 off the lands, in neck-sized brass. Has shot under 1 MOA in every rifle I’ve tried it in, and usually well under 3/4 MOA (sandbags, 3 shots). SD always under 15. Has killed many whitetail, big wild boar (300 lb), and African plains game. Will pass through on double lung shots, stay inside on shoulder/spine shots, or if it hits the boar’s gristle plate. Recovered bullets are usually expanded to .55-.65 calibre, and weight retention 45-65%. Note that these were recovered from dead animals. No animal hit with this load has gone more than 10 yards, and most drop at the shot.

150gr BTHP 53.0 grH4831 Unknown Win LR guest
Bullet 150 grn flat base triple shock Barnes--consistantly shoots under 1/2 inch at 100yds. Best .224 for three shots

150gr SP 58.0 grAlliant RL22 3,051 fps3.315" Fed LR guest
Maximum charge from Alliant is 58.5 grains. Velocity measured by a Shooting Chrony. Ruger M77 22" Barrel. 3 shot group under 1.5 inches. Bullet - Sierra Game King - 150 BTSP

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