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19 Handloads
30-06 Springfield, 180 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
SP 62.8 grAccurate MagPro 2,720 fps CCI LR guest
Win. brass, Sierra SPBT Game King, Win Mod 70 synthetic stock, 24 in. bbl. Used on elk, deer, wild hogs; very effective. 3/4 in. groups @ 100 yards.

SPBT 60.0 grH4831 2,710 fps3.3" WLR guest
From Hodgon 2000 manual

BTHP 59.0 grH4831 Unknown Fed LRM guest
The bullet is a Sierra 180 gr Boat Tail Spire Point (GameKing). Also seat bullet .005 to.010 from lands. Results are quarter inch groups @100yds. Velocity around 2800fps

BTHP 60.0 grHodgdon H4831 SC 2,581 fps3.250" CCI LR guest
The bullet is a Hornady BTSP #3072. I use this round is a Remington 700, it works well for deer out to 225 yards.

JSP 55.5 grIMR 4350 2,780 fps3.280" Fed LR guest
I like to use the Nosler partition for this load It is accurate and very lethel on big game at this speed no problem with pressure --in my may want to work up to this load Its quite powerful I like Winchester brass It seems to have more volume and can take this load with less presure but I believe this load is safe in any normal gun

JSP 57.0 grIMR 4350 2,800 fps Fed LR guest
This maximum charge of IMR 4350 using the Remington Core-Loct bullet has given me the most accurate load I’ve developed for my Brno .30-06 SPRG. The ES is 4 f/sec., from 2798 to 2802 f/sec with an average of 2800 f/sec using a five shot group from the rifle’s 23.5 inch barrel. This consistency has given me groups small enought to place a $0.25 quarter over at 100 yds. -- How does the Remington bullet preform on big game?

SP 57.0 grIMR 4350 2,757 fps3.35" CCI LR guest
Remington 700 BDL LOAD!!! - Bullet - Sierra Pro-Hunter Spitzer (2150); Primer CCI-200; Brass - Federal (FC); SDEV - 9.9 fps; MOA 0.85" - Good Luck - Dogeye

BTHP 57.0 grimr 4831 2,902 fpsna" Fed LR guest
rifle is a 700 rem. 26in. king barrel. very acc. .75 @ 100yds. cases fed. match. i shot 58 and 59grns. but the primer pockets alittle loose. win. brass mite be o.k.

Admin Note: IMR max load 56.8gr and compressed

JSP 56.0 grIMR-4350 2,742 fps3.32" CCI LR guest
Rifle FN mauser 24"BBL, Groups 0.75" Bullet is Nosler partition.

BTHP 59.0 grimr-4350 2,880 fps3.340" Win LR guest
average 1" groups @ 100 yards out of my Rem model 710 using sierra sbt bullet.

BTHP 58.5 grRL-19 2,700 fps3.245" Win LR guest
The bullet used is Hornady 180 gr. SPBT. .005 from lands and grooves. Remington cases trimmed, flash hole deburred, primer pocket uinformed. This load has produced consistent .407" three round groups at 100m. Good shooting!!

JSP 61.0 grRL-22 2,670 fps CCI LR guest
22" Ruger. Temp 85 degrees.core-lokt bullet. Win brass

FMJBT 44.0 grWin 748 2,530 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 39.6 gr

Pressure: 47,000 CUP

SP 45.0 grWin 748 2,540 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 40.5 gr

Pressure: 48,500 CUP

FMJBT 52.5 grWin 760 2,700 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 47.3 gr

Pressure: 48,500 CUP

SP 53.0 grWin 760 2,725 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 47.7 gr

Pressure: 51,000 CUP

FS 51.4 grWin 760 2,625 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 46.3 gr

Pressure: 57,100 PSI

PG 60.0 grWXR 2,675 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 54.0 gr

Pressure: 51,500 PSI

FS 59.0 grWXR 2,670 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 53.1 gr

Pressure: 52,000 PSI

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