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92 Handloads
30-06 Springfield, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr JSP 51.0 grImr-4895 3,129 fps2.841" CCI LR guest
Speer plinker bullet. 22" Ruger.Fed. brass

100gr SP 59.0 gr760 Unknown Fed LR guest

110gr PSP 52.7 grWin 748 3,230 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 47.4 gr

Pressure: 47,000 CUP

110gr PSP 59.0 grWin 760 3,210 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 53.1 gr

Pressure: 45,500 CUP

123gr FMJ 3.0 grVV310 1,000 fps CCI LR guest

125gr SP 51.0 grWin 748 3,060 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 45.9 gr

Pressure: 46,000 CUP

125gr SP 57.8 grWin 760 3,125 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 52.0 gr

Pressure: 45,000 CUP

125gr JHP 61.0 grReloder 19 Unknown3.300" Fed LP guest
Very accurate through my Remington Model 700 BDL. 5/8" 5 shot 100 yd group.

125gr BTHP 59.5 grH414 3,243 fps3.330" CCI LR guest
Load shot from 1903 springfield with 26" Benchmark barrel, velocity is avg.from 20rd string, with WIN cases and CCI BR-2 primers consistantly shoots 1/2" groups at 100yrds.

125gr SP 57.0 gr4350 Unknown CCI LR guest
Knocks em, down

125gr BTHP 52.0 grimr 4895 3,028 fps CCI SP guest

125gr BTHP 57.5 grVARGET 2,957 fps CCI LR guest

150gr SP 48.0 grWin 748 2,810 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 43.2 gr

Pressure: 46,000 CUP

150gr SP 54.0 grWin 760 2,900 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 48.6 gr

Pressure: 48,000 CUP

150gr FS 55.1 grWin 760 2,810 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 49.6 gr

Pressure: 52,100 PSI

150gr JSP 61.5 grH4831 2,800 fps CCI LR guest
1/2" group @ 100 yds. Weatherby Vanguard Rifle, Nosler Ballistic Tips

150gr JSP 51.0 grIMR 4895 2,965 fps3.20" CCI LR guest
Rem 700 BDL, R-P cases,2.484",ES=7.99, SD=5.65

150gr JSP 53.5 grwc846 2,845 fps CCI LRM guest
max work up, powders vary. Ruger 77 22" WW brass, win power point. Temp 80 degrees

150gr JSP 51.5 grRL-15 2,867 fps CCI LR guest
22" Rem pump rifle.Temp 90 degrees

150gr SP 48.0 grhodgdons 4895 Unknown3.2"" CCI LR guest
remington cases, 150g psp corelokt, remington 710 5 rounds in same hole @ 50 yards. Friend has same rifle and takes 50.0 grains of same powder to mimic results. Guns were made @ factory one after the other. "go figure"

150gr FMJ 46.0 grH4895 2,600 fps3.18" LR guest
I built this load for the M1 Garand. Hodgdon or IMR 4895 have pretty much the same burn rate and were developed for the M1. This load is very accurate and works the action of the rifle just fine. My main concern here was not over power the op rod and get good performance. I used LR #34 Nato primers.

150gr BTHP 60.0 grH4831 Unknown Fed LRM guest
Bullet is Nosler 150gr. Ballistic Tip. Seat bullet .005-.010 from lands. Produces less than 1/4 groups at 100yds and 3/4 groups at 200yds.

150gr JSP 51.6 grIMR-4064 2,942 fps3.32" CCI LR guest
Rifle FN Mauser 24" bbl, same load shoots Horn 150 gr SST, Horn BT and Speer Hot core, All groups less than 1".

150gr BTHP 57.5 grimr 4350 2,860 fps CCI LR guest
A good all around load. I’ve used it in a Savage 110 and a Remington 742 and it has performed well.

150gr JSP 55.7 grH380 Unknown Win LR guest
Groups average .75 inches at 100 yards from sand bag rest. Best group was .6 with outdoor temperature at 82F and humidity at 65%. Slight breeze of < 5 mph.

150gr SP 59.0 grvihtavuori 550 Unknown CCI SP guest

150gr SP 53.0 grIMR 4064 Unknown LP guest
Rem 9 1/2 Large Primer, Norma brass. Sierra Game King Boat tails, Winchester Model 70 22 inch barrel. Poison on PA deer.

150gr BTHP 59.0 grH380 2,956 fps CCI LRM guest

150gr BTHP 51.5 gr4064 3,000 fps3.2" CCI LR guest
This load gives me excellent accuracy in my model 700 velocity in my mark x mauser with 26" bbl is right at 3000 no pressure signs great accuracy 1.0 in at 100yds some 5 shot strings are less I cant seat the bullet out far enough to touch the rifling The bullet is too short so I just seat it as if it was A factory round

150gr SP 63.0 grReloader-19 2,998 fps Fed LR guest
2998 ft/sec. measured 12 feet from the muzzle. This 150 grain is the Barnes X flat-base all coppper bullet. The Alliant website lists this load and it is the maximum charge noted there. My Brno action built in 1938 was rebarrelled by Century Arms in .30-06 SPRG. and sold here in Canada. It is a great rifle/cartridge for big-game hunting here in Alberta.

150gr JSP 61.0 grR-19 2,950 fps3.40" CCI LR guest
Rifle is Win. M-70, bullet is Sierra Pro Hunter, primer is CCI-BR2,Case is rem. this is a very accurate 3 shots under 1 in. load close to max.

150gr BTHP 60.0 grimr-4350 2,950 fps3.340" Win LR guest
average .75 groups @ 100 yards using hornady sst bullets out of my rem model 710.

150gr JSP 48.0 grimr 4895 2,850 fpsna" Fed LR guest
rifle is a 700 rem. 26in. king barrel. this load is very acc. .4 at 100yds. and 1.2 at 300.this was a forming load.

150gr SP 54.0 grimr4350 Unknown LR guest

165gr Sierra 56.0 gr4350 2,890 fps F210M guest
I have used this load for years. If I do my part, it will shoot 1" or less at 100 yards anytime, hot or cold...

165gr FS 54.6 grWin 760 2,690 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 49.1 gr

Pressure: 53,300 PSI

165gr PG 60.0 grWXR 2,755 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 54.0 gr

Pressure: 51,300 PSI

165gr spbt 57.5 grimr 4350 2,900 fps3.290" cci 200 guest
sub .75 @ 100

165gr nosler p 57.4 grimr 4350 2,940 fps3.375" cci 200 guest
Two rifles in this caliber I own shoot this load amazingly well. No pressure signs. Groups in both rifles are about 1/2" - 3/4" if I do my part.

165gr nosler p 57.4 grimr 4350 2,940 fps3.375" cci 200 guest
Two rifles in this caliber I own shoot this load amazingly well. No pressure signs. Groups in both rifles are about 1/2" - 3/4" if I do my part.

165gr Sie SBT 59.5 grH4350 2,830 fps3.428" CCI BR2 guest
Reformed .270 case to get case lenght I wanted. Necks turned to .012 inch.5 shots @ 100 yds=.247 inch. SD=5.1 fps. MAD=4.3 fps. Actual chamber length=2.517 inch

165gr nosler 57.0 grIMR 4350 2,808 fps cci guest

165gr speer 54.0 grimr 4350 Unknown magmuns guest

165gr FMJ-BT 57.5 grH-4350 2,750 fps Win LR guest
Hornady SST bullet. Load to .01 off lands. 1/2MOA out of Browning A-Bolt.

165gr JSP 57.0 grIMR 4350 2,850 fps3.330" Fed LR guest

165gr BTHP 60.0 grimr4350 3,100 fps Win LR guest
nosler ballistic tip

165gr FMJ 47.0 grIMR 4895 2,700 fps CCI LR guest
I am not shooting this so much any more -- my buddy buys Korean surplus, but that’s the best M1 Garand load I ever used. Did not hurt the rifle, and had nice 5" groups at 200 yds (> 55 years old at the time)

165gr SP 55.5 grimr4350 Unknown3.24" CCI LR guest
concerned about oalof3.24 Nosl B/T has oal 3.34.What effect does the diff oal have on the bullet jump etc.

165gr BTHP 56.0 grW760 Unknown3.320" Win LR guest
Using Nosler Balistic Tips, my gun with heavy factory trigger will shoot under 1" with this load. I got much better results with W760 powder than I did with the IMR4350 and the same bullets.

165gr BTHP 56.0 grH414 2,850 fps Win LRM guest
Tremendous deer load with a Nosler 165gr Ballistic Tip. Flat shooting. Very, very accurate. Great expansion, but enough bullet to penetrate front shoulder on quartering shots. On a large deer, the 150 gr ballistic tip might be questionable on that shot, but the 165 punches right through.

165gr BTHP 53.0 grimr 4350 Unknown CCI LR guest
sub moa from savage 116 one hole at 100yds

165gr BTHP 48.5 grIMR 4064 2,650 fps CCI LR guest
Great Garand load. Use Sierra 165 grain BTHP to emulate Sierra match HP in hunting load.

165gr BTHP 61.0 grRL 19 Unknownna" Fed LR guest
load this in a number of rifles. shoots very good. groups .5 to 1in.

165gr JSP 50.0 grIMR 4064 2,700 fps3.40" CCI LR guest
This load shoots well out of 3-06’s I have bullet is Sierra GameKing, primer is CCI- BR2, case is Rem. In all of my 06’s this shoots less than 1 in. 3 shots @100yds.

165gr JSP 46.0 grRL 15 Unknown3.24" CCI LR guest
This is an excellent load for the M1 Garand and the Springfield 1903. I substituted 165 Hornady SST bullet for a hunting load if you enjoy hunting with vintage military arms. The ballistics will correspond with the sights of both weapons. I shot a 1 inch group with this load at 100 yards with a 1903a3. The garand shoots equally well.

165gr JSP 59.5 grH4350 2,900 fps CCI LRM guest
This is a load I have used extensively with a little wiggling. Start a grain and half below this and work up. In a 24" shilen barrel throated for the 165 Nosler .015 off lands this load does 2915 fps all year round, thanks to Hodgdons "extreme" powder.

165gr BTHP 59.0 grIMR 4350 3,003 fps2.980" CCI LR guest
I shot this load for the first time this week over my crono. My 2000 IMR reloaders manual has a 60 grain load, but I cut it back to start. I was comparing the Hornady Light Mag 165 gr SST load to this one. I am shooting 165 gr. Siera Game King BTHP’s. This Hornady’s had vivid signs of pressure, like flat primers (very flat). The IMR 4350 load showed none whatsoever. It (the 4350 load)also averaged 17 f.p.s. faster 5 shot average velocity. I got 1/2"-3/4" groups at 200 yds! I shoot a Savage Model 110 by the way.

165gr SP 50.0 grIMR 4064 Unknown3.325" CCI LR guest
Consistent 1" groups @ 100 yds out of my Ruger M77 light weight

165gr JSP 57.0 grIMR 4350 2,800 fps3.185" CCI LR guest
Remington Core-Lokt bullet crimped at the cannelure with factory crimp die. There isn’t much load data available for the Core-Lokt 165s, so I had to work up. Pressure is pretty light; noticeably less than factory Rem Core-Lokt 165s. Starting load should be 55gr just be on the safe side, as per the IMR data for 165 JSPs. OAL might seem kind of short, but Core-Lokts are kind of blunt, so they don’t seat any deeper than normal. Accuracy is pretty decent for bulk bullets, ~1.5MOA. I could have gone higher with velocity, but even at this speed you’ll get reliable mushrooming out to 400 yards.

165gr BTHP 61.5 grreloader 19 2,800 fps3.300" Fed LR guest
The bullet is actually a Barnes X flat base. The barrel is 24" hart match grade SS, with a saami minimum chamber.

168gr HP 52.5 grWin 760 2,665 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 47.3 gr

Pressure: 47,000 CUP

168gr BTHP 47.0 grVihtavuori N140 Unknown3.299" LR guest
Outstanding performance in my U.S. Model of 1917 (P-17).

168gr BTHP 45.5 grAA4350 2,700 fps CCI LR guest
This losd is seated .002 from lands in a winchester mod 70 classic stainless with boss set for 150 gr., can cover 5 shot group with dime at 100 yds.

170gr LFP 25.0 grReloader 7 1,823 fps3.013" CCI LR guest
Win cases,CCI primer,2.491 case length, ES=151.4 SD=41.6

170gr LFP 25.0 grReloader 7 1,823 fps3.013" CCI LR guest
Rem 700 BDL, ES=151.4 SD=41.6

173gr fmjbt 53.0 gr4350 Unknown3.335" winchester guest

180gr SPBT 60.0 grH4831 2,710 fps3.3" WLR guest
From Hodgon 2000 manual

180gr PG 60.0 grWXR 2,675 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 54.0 gr

Pressure: 51,500 PSI

180gr FS 59.0 grWXR 2,670 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 53.1 gr

Pressure: 52,000 PSI

180gr FMJBT 44.0 grWin 748 2,530 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 39.6 gr

Pressure: 47,000 CUP

180gr SP 45.0 grWin 748 2,540 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 40.5 gr

Pressure: 48,500 CUP

180gr FMJBT 52.5 grWin 760 2,700 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 47.3 gr

Pressure: 48,500 CUP

180gr SP 53.0 grWin 760 2,725 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 47.7 gr

Pressure: 51,000 CUP

180gr FS 51.4 grWin 760 2,625 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 46.3 gr

Pressure: 57,100 PSI

180gr JSP 61.0 grRL-22 2,670 fps CCI LR guest
22" Ruger. Temp 85 degrees.core-lokt bullet. Win brass

180gr BTHP 58.5 grRL-19 2,700 fps3.245" Win LR guest
The bullet used is Hornady 180 gr. SPBT. .005 from lands and grooves. Remington cases trimmed, flash hole deburred, primer pocket uinformed. This load has produced consistent .407" three round groups at 100m. Good shooting!!

180gr BTHP 59.0 grH4831 Unknown Fed LRM guest
The bullet is a Sierra 180 gr Boat Tail Spire Point (GameKing). Also seat bullet .005 to.010 from lands. Results are quarter inch groups @100yds. Velocity around 2800fps

180gr JSP 56.0 grIMR-4350 2,742 fps3.32" CCI LR guest
Rifle FN mauser 24"BBL, Groups 0.75" Bullet is Nosler partition.

180gr SP 62.8 grAccurate MagPro 2,720 fps CCI LR guest
Win. brass, Sierra SPBT Game King, Win Mod 70 synthetic stock, 24 in. bbl. Used on elk, deer, wild hogs; very effective. 3/4 in. groups @ 100 yards.

180gr BTHP 60.0 grHodgdon H4831 SC 2,581 fps3.250" CCI LR guest
The bullet is a Hornady BTSP #3072. I use this round is a Remington 700, it works well for deer out to 225 yards.

180gr JSP 55.5 grIMR 4350 2,780 fps3.280" Fed LR guest
I like to use the Nosler partition for this load It is accurate and very lethel on big game at this speed no problem with pressure --in my may want to work up to this load Its quite powerful I like Winchester brass It seems to have more volume and can take this load with less presure but I believe this load is safe in any normal gun

180gr JSP 57.0 grIMR 4350 2,800 fps Fed LR guest
This maximum charge of IMR 4350 using the Remington Core-Loct bullet has given me the most accurate load I’ve developed for my Brno .30-06 SPRG. The ES is 4 f/sec., from 2798 to 2802 f/sec with an average of 2800 f/sec using a five shot group from the rifle’s 23.5 inch barrel. This consistency has given me groups small enought to place a $0.25 quarter over at 100 yds. -- How does the Remington bullet preform on big game?

180gr SP 57.0 grIMR 4350 2,757 fps3.35" CCI LR guest
Remington 700 BDL LOAD!!! - Bullet - Sierra Pro-Hunter Spitzer (2150); Primer CCI-200; Brass - Federal (FC); SDEV - 9.9 fps; MOA 0.85" - Good Luck - Dogeye

180gr BTHP 59.0 grimr-4350 2,880 fps3.340" Win LR guest
average 1" groups @ 100 yards out of my Rem model 710 using sierra sbt bullet.

180gr BTHP 57.0 grimr 4831 2,902 fpsna" Fed LR guest
rifle is a 700 rem. 26in. king barrel. very acc. .75 @ 100yds. cases fed. match. i shot 58 and 59grns. but the primer pockets alittle loose. win. brass mite be o.k.

Admin Note: IMR max load 56.8gr and compressed

190gr HPBT 56.6 grWXR 2,600 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 50.9 gr

Pressure: 53,400 PSI

190gr HPBT 52.0 grWin 760 2,605 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 46.8 gr

Pressure: 47,500 CUP

190gr BTHP 62.0 grRL22 2,903 fps3.326" Fed LR guest
190gr Sierra Matchking, moly-coated. 26" Douglas 1-10 twist bbl. .5moa accurate.

190gr BTHP 60.4 grRL22 2,878 fps3.303" Fed LR guest
The brass is Lapua and the bullet is the 190 grain Sierra MatchKing. I use this load to shoot at 1k, and have shot 3 shot groups of .2 at 100 yards with it.

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200gr SBT 55.3 grWXR 2,540 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 49.8 gr

Pressure: 55,300 PSI

200gr SP 49.0 grWin 760 2,470 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 44.1 gr

Pressure: 46,000 CUP

220gr SP 49.0 grWin 760 2,370 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 44.1 gr

Pressure: 48,000 CUP

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