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22 Handloads
30-30 Winchester, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
110gr HSP 18.7 grWin 296 2,155 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 16.8 gr

Pressure: 36,000 CUP

110gr HSP 36.8 grWin 748 2,595 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 33.1 gr

Pressure: 33,000 CUP

110gr SP 37.0 gr748 1,900 fpsn/a" Win LR guest
This is my favorite load for plinking + very accurate, low recoil, flat shooting. I like the Speer and Sierra 110sp. Iím guessing on the velocity. If you donít enjoy shooting your 30-30 for what ever reason, try this load.

110gr JSP 37.5 grH4895 2,720 fps2.425" Win LR guest
1 1/2 inch groups @100yds in NEF Handi-rifle. Bullet is a 110 grain sp. 30carbine bullet from remington. Vaporizes in coyotes at 200 yds.

Admin Note: Note, this load should not be used in lever action rifles as the bullet is pointed and not safe for tube type magazines. Use only in single shot and bolt action rifles.

125gr JHP 32.0 grIMR 4895 2,175 fps2.465" CCI LR guest
Sierra 125 gr. FNHP, time proven multi-purpose load.

Email author: jamm 
See all of jamm's loads 
125gr STHP 35.8 grWin 748 Unknown2.546" Win LR guest
125 Sierra Pro-Hunter FMJ Hollowpoints. Win Primers , Win Brass , and 35.8 of Win 748 powder

130gr SP 35.0 grHodgden 4895 2,400 fps2.647" Win LR guest
WARNUNG FOR SINGLE SHOT RIFLE ONLY!!!! Shoots 1/2inch groups at 100yds in a NEF Handi-rifle 22in barrel. Bullet is a Hornady interlock for single shot pistol. Brass is winchester

150gr SP 34.5 grWin 748 2,310 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 31.1 gr

Pressure: 36,000 CUP

150gr SP 35.9 grWin 760 2,090 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 32.3 gr

Pressure: 30,000 CUP

150gr SP 33.0 grhodgdons 4895 Unknown2.54"" CCI LR guest
remington cases, winchester super-x 150g sp, Marlin 336cs, excellent shooting combonation.

150gr SP 27.0 grHodgdon H4895 1,674 fps2.550" CCI LR guest
The bullet is actually a Sierra Flat Nose bullet. I load this round for my Marlin rifle and it works great for deer out to 100 yards.

150gr JSP 34.0 grwinchester 748 2,075 fps2.770" Win LR guest
shoots 1 inch groups at 100yds in a NEF Handi-rifle 22 in barrel. Bullet is Speer uni-cor flatnose. Brass is winchester.

160gr rn 30.0 gr748 1,900 fps win guest

160gr rn 30.0 gr748 1,900 fps win guest

170gr SP 32.0 grWin 748 2,145 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 28.8 gr

Pressure: 36,000 CUP

170gr SP 33.6 grWin 760 1,975 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 30.2 gr

Pressure: 30,000 CUP

170gr cast FN 31.0 grIMR 3031 2,220 fps Federal LR guest
This load duplicates the factory load in 20" barrels.

170gr BTHP 32.5 grRL-15 2,158 fps CCI LR guest
20" Win lever-action.Rem brass.Rem core-lokt.Temp 60 degrees,below listed max

170gr LBT-LFN 30.5 grH-335 Unknown2.530" CCI LRM guest
This is the Lyman 311041 bullet. Lee liquid-alox lubed made from water-dropped wheelweights and sized .311. Fired from a Win. 94 and a Marlin 336C (micro-grooved even) they are real accurate.

170gr JSP 36.0 grBLC-2 Unknown Fed LR guest
Used winchester flat-nosed bullets, seated to the cannelure. A really nice load and accurate out of my bolt action.

170gr JSP 32.5 grH335 2,200 fps2.530" CCI LR guest
I use this load in a savage model 340. Works good in Marlins as well. I use Hornady 170gr flat points.

173 gr LFP 18.0 grIMR 4198 1,544 fpsna" Win LR guest
This is the starting load in the Lyman manual. This is a very accurate target and plinking load. Have fun!!!

Admin Note: Lyman #311041 Paul5388

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