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104 Handloads
308 Winchester, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr JSP 46.0 grIMR-4895 3,125 fps2.36"" CCI LR guest
Savage 24" HB,WW brass,Speer plinker.Temp 70 degrees. Very accurate

100gr BTHP 41.0 grVV135 Unknown2.64" Fed LR guest
At 100 yards this load, bullet (Lapua), combined with a Lapua shell and fired using a Sako TRG 22 every hit is within 4 mm of the first.

110gr SP 53.2 grWin 748 3,300 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 47.9 gr

Pressure: 46,000 CUP

110gr JHP 45.0 grN202 Unknown68" CCI LPM guest
Rifle sako varmint 1/12 twist 10shots with norma bras one hol 12 mm at 100meters.(SLOVENIJA)

110gr JSP 39.5 grReloader 7 2,840 fps2.355" Win LRM guest
Velocity of 2840 fps is measured 25 yards from the muzzle. Working backwards, the muzzle velocity is close to 3000 fps. Test rifle: -Ruger M77 Mark II -22" barrel -1:10 twist, RH, 6 grooves OAL is +- 0.005" This is a jacketed soft point round nose (M1 carbine bullet) 1" groups a 100 yards. The deer in central PA have been warned :-)

125gr SP 52.0 grWin 748 3,175 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 46.8 gr

Pressure: 50,000 CUP

125gr BTHP 50.0 gr748 winchester Unknown Win LRM guest

125gr JHP 51.0 grWin 748 3,170 fps CCI LRM guest
Super accurate. I use in my HOWA bolt rifle and get great results. Very explosive on impact and holds tight groups.

125gr JHP 51.0 grWin 748 3,170 fps CCI LRM guest
Super accurate. I use in my HOWA bolt rifle and get great results. Very explosive on impact and holds tight groups. The bullet is a Speer TNT

125gr SP 51.0 grWinchester 748 3,212 fps2.997" Win LR guest

125gr SP 44.3 grIMR 4064 2,800 fps2.775" CCI SP guest
I have used this load in a Winchester Model 70 Stealth and am able to put three shots into one hole at 100 yards. Also a very good varmint or whitetail load.

130gr JHP 44.5 grH-322 2,932 fps CCI LRM guest

130gr JHP 46.0 gradi 2206 3,000 fps66.8" Win LR guest

130gr SP 51.0 grH380 Unknown CCI LR guest

135gr LRN 50.0 gr748 2,777 fps2.745" Win LR guest

147gr FMJBT 51.8 grWin 760 2,770 fps WLR guest
From the Winchester reloading manual

147gr FMJBT 45.2 grWin 748 2,730 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 40.7 gr

Pressure: 45,500 PSI

147gr FMJBT 51.8 grWin 760 2,768 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 46.6 gr

Pressure: 49,900 PSI

150gr SP 48.5 grWin 748 2,865 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 43.7 gr

Pressure: 48,000 CUP

150gr SP 50.1 grWin 760 2,700 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 45.1 gr

Pressure: 40,500 CUP

150gr FS 43.0 grWin 748 2,540 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 38.7 gr

Pressure: 45,100 PSI

150gr Nos BT 44.0 grH335 2,787 fps2.80" Fed210M Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 39.6 gr

Pressure: 51,200 CUP

150gr Nos BT 45.5 grH4895 2,870 fps2.8" Fed210M Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 41.0 gr

Pressure: 51,000 CUP

150gr JHP 42.0 grn135 Unknown CCI LR guest

150gr FMJ-BT 41.5 grimr-4895 Unknown CCI SP guest

150gr BTHP 46.3 grRL 15 2,800 fps2.80" Fed LR guest
Excellent Hunting load with Nosler BT or Sierra GKBT

150gr SP 45.0 grhodgdons 4895 Unknown2.52"" CCI LR guest
remington brass, remington psp 150g, remington 700 vls. Will hit a golf ball every time @ 100 yards

150gr SP 48.0 grwin 748 2,750 fps2.771" Fed LR guest
Good load in my rifle. Plenty accurate enough .

150gr FMJ 43.0 gr2230c Unknown Win LR guest

150gr XTP 47.0 gr4320 Unknown2.75" CCI LR guest
Nosler Ballastic tip green 150g

150gr SP 49.0 grWin 748 2,760 fps2750" CCI LR guest
Bullet is nosler partition and the rifle is Remington 600.This load was used on moose with excellent results. Oh by the way moose are VERY big critters,so use a good bullet!Compared to a adult moose a whitetail is more like a jackrabit--Fred--

150gr JHP 45.8 grIMR4320 Unknown2.757" Win LR guest
IMR’S recommended load charge.150gr.NBT. REM.brass. 3rd. groups all touching @100yrds.out of my Ruger M-77. no crimp used

150gr SP 46.5 grAlliant-RL-15 2,800 fps2.778" Fed LR guest
3-Shot Groups @ 100 yards averaged 5/8" to 3/4".

150gr JHP 47.1 grHodgdon BL-C(2) Unknown2.830" LR guest
Rifle is a Ruger M77 Compact with a 16.5" barrel. Bullets used are Barnes 150 gr. XFB. Estimated velocity is 2700 FPS. Accuracy is excellent at 5/8" 3 shot 100 yard groups.

150gr FMJ-BT 45.5 grw748 Unknown71,5m" CCI SP guest
Rifle sako 1/12twist barel leingt 650mm 5 round 5 shots one hol excelent.

150gr SP 44.5 grimr 4064 Unknown2.800" CCI SP guest
savage model 99 1 3/4" groups remington core-loc bullets does well on whitetails no crimp

150gr BTHP 43.0 grWIN 748 Unknown CCI SP guest
5 shot group 4 in one hole, 1 maybe 1/2" lower, probably my fault. Very nice load

150gr FMJ-BT 42.0 grVARGET 2,800 fps Win LRM guest
New to rifle loading - From the forum many have adivsed and convinced me the VARGET powder is pretty good. I havenít been in Canada or Midwest for hunting season in many years to I still use only 150 grain bullets here in Fl - I would use at least 180 grains on some of the deer in Wisconsin - I have a used Savage (.308) Mod 11 and accuracy is outstanding !!!!!

155gr BTHP 43.5 grIMR 4895 2,750 fps2.80" CCI LR guest
Use for target.Nosler J4 155 gr bthp custom competition.Lighter than 168’s less recoil,faster.Supersonic.Used LC2004 oncefired cases,CCI Large Rifle Primers#200.Charge wt 43.5 gr surplus imr 4895.

155gr BTHP 45.0 grIMR 4064 2,960 fps2.80" Fed LRM guest
Used with winchester brass, this is a common palma load using the Sierra 155gr HPBT. The velocity of 2960 is an average of 30 shots fired out of a 30" Krieger barrel.

155 gr BTHP 44.9 grvarget 2,936 fps CCI LR guest
winchester stealth shoots.35"@100 YRD

155gr BTHP 45.0 grvarget Unknown28.50" Fed LR guest

165gr FS 42.0 grWin 748 2,400 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 37.8 gr

Pressure: 43,800 PSI

165gr BTHP 45.5 grReloader 15 2,600 fps Fed LR guest
165 Sierra SPBT GameKing Reloader 15 Federal 210GM Match Primers Federal Nickle Cases Excellent .60" at 100 yards in my SSG

165gr BTHP 42.5 grRL 12 2,600 fps Fed LR guest
165 Sierra BT, Reloader 12, Federal Maatch 210GM Primers, Federal Nickle Cases, another good load

165gr BTHP 45.2 grww 748 Unknown CCI LR guest
good accuracy in Blr 81 with rp cases, less than an inch for 3 well on elk. same load in ww cases for savage 99 , 5rds inch and a half

165gr BTHP 43.6 grIMR 4895 2,600 fps2.80" Fed LR guest
Excellent Load Match accuracy

165gr BTHP 43.5 grIMR 4064 2,600 fps2.80" Fed LR guest
Same as Federal Gold Medal Match except with 168MK

165gr BTHP 45.0 grimr-4064 2,750 fps.2820" Fed LR guest
great hunting load.also very accurate 1" or less at 100yrds with rem-700.

165gr BTHP 44.5 grIMR 4831 Unknown Fed LR guest
Very good accuracy. .3" 3 shot groups @ 100 yds with my custom sniper.

165gr JSP 46.5 grhodgon blc2 Unknown Fed LR guest
i have shot several .308 groups at up to 100 yds

165gr JSP 45.5 grVarget 2,657 fps2.81" Win LR guest
165gr Nosler Partition. 3/4 inch groups out of my rifle, with a standard deviation of 12. Less then the manual max charge, but getting toward the hot side in my gun.

165gr JSP 46.0 grvarget 2,700 fps2.835" Fed LR guest
Consistent 3/4", 3 shot groups at 100 meters. 1-1 1/2" at 200 meters. Maximum load. Remington 700 ADL.

Email author: dri 
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165 gr BTHP 44.5 grVarget 2,787 fps2,814" CCI LRM guest
this load chronographed on average 9 FPS variance over a 10 shot string fired from my FP10-LEa2 and groups measured .44" at 100m and .68" at 200m ,brass used was Winchester exclusively

165gr SP 46.5 grH-380 2,500 fps1.650" CCI LR guest
Good deer killer out too 300 yards with little recoil

167gr BTHP 45.0 grN150 2,532 fps2.85" Fed LR guest
Excelent load for trg-21.Gave me my nathional championship in 2003 till 600 ydrs

167gr BTHP 41.5 grIMR-4895 2,582 fps2.810" Win LR guest
M852 duplication load fired from a M1A National Match. Lake City 90 prepped brass.

168gr HPBT 42.0 grH335 2,631 fps2.80" Fed210M Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 37.8 gr

Pressure: 49,300 CUP

168gr HPBT 43.5 grH4895 2,703 fps2.80" Fed210M Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 39.2 gr

Pressure: 49,500 CUP

168gr boattail 46.0 grimr 4064 2,700 fps wlrp guest

168gr sierra 42.5 grvv n150 Unknown federal ma guest

168gr sierra 42.5 grvv n150 2,620 fps2.822" fed. match guest

168gr BTHP 46.5 grHodgdon BL-C(2) Unknown2.8" CCI LR guest
Loaded for the Savage Tactical Rifle, using Sightron 42X scope. Patterns are measuring at .39 measured center to center at 100 meters.

168gr BTHP 42.5 grIMR-4895 Unknown2.845" Win LR guest
These loads shot with Hornady 168 match HPBTs, through a Savage Model 12 BVSS produced groups .262 @ 100 yds and a best of .202 @ 100 yds. Most through the same hole but that last one always has to make its own hole. Hope this helps out, Anyone else shooting the 12 BVSS in .308 pass me some info on your loads, thanks.

168gr BTHP 45.0 grVARGET Unknown CCI LRM guest
Bullet is a winchester ballistic silver tip.Shoots sub moa in my remington 700 varmit rifle.

168gr BTHP 46.0 grVarget 2,820 fps Fed LR guest
The bullets are actually Hornady A-Max. The rifle is a Ruger 77 target with a 26 inch barrel. This load gets groups of about .6 moa.

168gr BTHP 39.0 grimr4895 Unknown2.800" CCI LR guest
i am still searching for the maximum safe oal for the .308

168gr BTHP 39.5 grIMR-3031 2,650 fps2.80" Fed LR guest
This is my load for the powder sensitive M1A/M14 type rifle. Duplicates Federal Gold Match Ballistics. Used for Nosler J-4 or Sierra Boat tail Hollow point bullets.

168gr BTHP 47.5 grH-414 2,680 fps2.800" CCI LR guest
LC67 Cases. Sierra bullets. Typically use CCI-BR2 primers, although logically the ball powder should do well with W-W LR, as they are a little hotter. This load has shot below 0.5 MOA in several rifles (bolt and gas) and I have not had to juggle the powder charge much to get it to perform. Typically it will level off where two consecutive 0.5 grain intervals will shoot well. Meters great. In theory, H-414 may be a little slow for a .308 Garand.

168gr BTHP 40.0 grIMR 4064 2,525 fps2.800" CCI LR guest

168gr BTHP 41.5 grVVN150 2,650 fps2.80" CCI SP guest
Close duplication of Federal Gold Medal Match load using Vhita Vouri Powder. Used in Springfield M1A rifle with Medium Weight barrel. Muzzle Velocity is at 2650. Bullets used 168 gr Sierra HPBT or Nosler J4’s. Brass and primers by Federal.

168gr BTHP 43.0 gr748 Winchester 2,590 fps71.12" Win LR guest
Additional information: This load was developed for my Stoner SR-25 Match Rifle and came out of an American Rifleman article on .308 match loads. The OAL is in millimeters. The bullets are Sierra 168gr. Matchkings. I have made one change: When I use moly bullets(which will be all the time after the others are used)I ground off the expander ball on the dies so that i get full neck tension on the bullet! Only use Winchester LR primers in the Stoner rifle. In my gun these are one hole rounds at 100 yards and they shoot well out to 1000 yards. I use only IMI match brass.

168gr BTHP 44.0 grIMR 4064 2,650 fps2.795" CCI LR guest
Bullet is Horn. Amax, Primer is CCI-Br-2 This is out of a Tikka T3 Varmit one hole groups [5 shots], win brass

168gr BTHP 41.0 grMil. Surplus WC844 Unknown2.80" CCI LR guest
CCI Benchrest Primers. Shot from a Remington 700PSS. Group was .50 center to center. Bullet was 168 g. Sierra Matchking.

168gr BTHP 40.0 grVithavuori N140 2,530 fps2,874" Fed LR guest
With my Steyr SSG Police Rifle,035" groups.

168gr BTHP 40.0 grvn140 Unknown73,8" Fed LR guest
Rifle sako varmint 1/12 twist norma bras nec 3/4 round to round one hol god load for 100meters.

168gr BTHP 40.5 grIMR 4895 Unknown Fed LRM guest

168gr BTHP 42.0 grVarget Unknown2.814" CCI LR guest
42.0gr Varget, 168gr Speer Match Gold, once-fired Nosler custom brass, CCI-BR2 primers. Brass was full length sized, trimmed, chamafered and had the flash hole deburred. Best load to date in my Steyr tactical elite. Average in my last outing with this load was 0.46" center-to-center @100 yards, best group was 0.19", worst was 0.84". I’m still new to this, so I’m hoping it will settle down toward the lower range of things as I learn to do my part.

168gr BTHP 42.0 grIMR 4895 2,550 fps2.810" CCI LR guest
Mimic of M852, LC or Black Hills brass, 168 grn Sierra matchking. 0.025 " off rifling. Remington 700P

168gr BTHP 42.3 grvarget 2,756 fps2.864" CCI LR guest
still experimenting on the oal. my c.o.l. is measured at 2.874. i have been shooting 2.800 and shooting .365 @ 100 yards. i use a remington 700 adl short action with custume barrel and stock.

168gr BTHP 41.0 grVihtavuori N140 Unknown2.834" LR guest

168gr BTHP 42.0 grIMR 4895 2,615 fps2.815" Fed LRM guest
Moly-d bullets

170gr FMJ-BT 45.7 grVV N550 Unknown CCI LR guest

170gr FMJ-BT 42.5 grIMR4895 2,785 fps2.845" Win LR guest
The bullet is the Lapua D46 and the brass is LC M118 LR. The powder is pulldown powder from .30-06 ammo. My FN SPR shoots .39MOA 5 shot groups at 100 yards with this ammo.

Email author: ussr 
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173gr LFP 19.5 grSR-4759 1,800 fps CCI LR guest
Lyman cast gas check .6" at 100 meters! from Savage tactical.

175gr HPBT 41.3 grH335 2,592 fps2.80" Fed210M Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 37.2 gr

Pressure: 50,100 CUP

175gr HPBT 42.7 grH4895 2,647 fps2.8" Fed210M Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 38.4 gr

Pressure: 49,000 CUP

175gr BTHP 46.0 grVarget 2,740 fps2.80"" Fed LR guest

175gr BTHP 44.7 grVarget 2,680 fps2.875" Fed LR guest
This load does 3/4" groups @ 200yds from a 23 3/8" barrel Tikka Sporter

175 gr BTHP 44.2 grWW-748 2,580 fps2.800" CCI LR guest
This is my long distance round. With the proper attention to detail, this load is capable of 1 moa @ 500 meters.

175gr BTHP 42.5 grIMR 4064 2,680 fps2.800" Fed LR guest
Exact replication of the Federal Gold Medal Match 175gr Load minus the gold primer they use which is not available to reloaders. Use the Fed GM210M Large Rifle primers instead. Trim case to 2.007. Fed cases use 42.5gr of IMR 4064. If you use brass with thicker case walls than Fed (ie, Win, Lapua, LC, and just about anything else) drop charge to 42.2gr. DOC8531

180gr FMJBT 45.5 grWin 748 2,600 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 41.0 gr

Pressure: 50,500 CUP

180gr SP 46.5 grWin 748 2,610 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 41.9 gr

Pressure: 48,500 CUP

180gr FMJBT 46.6 grWin 760 2,535 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 41.9 gr

Pressure: 43,000 CUP

180gr SP 48.0 grWin 760 2,580 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 43.2 gr

Pressure: 43,000 CUP

180gr FS 41.3 grWin 748 2,420 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 37.2 gr

Pressure: 54,900 PSI

180gr BT 47.0 gr760 2,524 fps WLR Winchester
Suggested starting load: 42.3 gr
From the Hodgdon Manual #26

Pressure: 48,900 CUP

180gr ball.tip 75.0 grRL22 Unknown3.574" FED 215 guest

185gr LRN 31.5 grIMR 4895 2,000 fps CCI LR guest
Great load for my Isreali Mauser in 7.62 NATO. Prints a 3" group at 100 yards. bullet was sized to .310 to account for long throat on barrel.

185gr BTHP 49.0 grADI AR2209 2,710 fps Win LR guest
30inch barrel 1:9 twist

190gr HPBT 42.0 grWin 748 2,445 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 37.8 gr

Pressure: 49,000 CUP

190gr BTHP 42.2 grIMR 4064 2,550 fps2.810" CCI LRM guest

200gr SP 43.0 grWin 748 2,435 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 38.7 gr

Pressure: 50,000 CUP

200gr SP 45.7 grWin 760 2,430 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 41.1 gr

Pressure: 46,500 CUP

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