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8 Handloads
32-20, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr JFP 7.5 grLIL’GUN 1,018 fps1.58" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

Pressure: 15,700 CUP

100gr JFP 3.5 grTiteGroup 908 fps1.58" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 3.2 gr

Pressure: 16,000 CUP

110gr STHP 12.5 grHodgdon H4227 1,510 fps1.846" Fed SR guest
I use this in a T/C Contender 10" very accurate mild pressure cases have lasted 25 loadings etreme velocity spread 18FPS.

115gr LFP 7.3 grAlliant 2400 1,280 fps CCI SR guest
Very little muzzle blast. Very accurate at 50 yards from Marlin 1894CL.

118gr RNFP 2.9 grTITEGROUP Unknown1.56" WSP guest

85gr JHP 8.0 grLIL’GUN 1,102 fps1.55" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 7.2 gr

Pressure: 15,700 CUP

85gr JHP 3.5 grTiteGroup 961 fps1.55" WSP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 3.2 gr

Pressure: 15,900 CUP

85gr XTP 13.5 grAlliant 2400 Unknown CCI SP guest
Hot! but no problems after 200 rounds. Not suggested for plinking,as with any hot load it will accelerate the wear and tear on your gun.

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