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10 Handloads
38 Super +P, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
115gr JRN 9.8 grVV N350 1,610 fps1.255" WSP guest
Compressed load, very hot major caliber IPSC load

115gr FMJ 10.0 grHS6 1,580 fps1.265" WSP guest

115gr XTP 7.9 grAlliant Power Pistol 1,394 fps1.245" SP guest
Similar to Cor-Bon 115 gr. JHP +P factory load (which has a velocity of 1430 fps from my Kimber). Primer used was a Magtech 1 1/2 Small Pistol. For guns with integral feed ramp only.

124gr FMJ 10.2 grHS7 1,450 fps1.265" WSP guest
Major level IPSC load

124gr FMJ 11.0 grVV N105 1,475 fps1.26" Fed SP guest
Major power factor IPSC load

124gr RNFMJ 7.2 grIMR SR 7625 1,440 fps1.240" WSM guest
using Starline 38 Super Comp brass, this makes major for IPSC/USPSA matches great for comp style guns. Crimp set at .378, this is a very accurate round using Zero bullets and an STI

124gr LFP 7.3 grIMR HiSkor800X Unknown SP guest
This load is based on a Berrys Plated FP bullet and a Remington SP primer, it is a nice load to shoot and is very accurate.I am shooting it out of a S&W 627 Performance Center revolver and a Rock Island Armory 1911 38 super and have had no problems in either gun.

125gr FMJ 8.0 grVV3n37 1,355 fps1.25" Win SR guest
For IPSC Open Major class ammo. Used in fully supported barrel in Paraordnance pistol. 5" Barrel + 7 port compensator. Very fast recovery times. Do Not Use in unsupported barrels.

125gr BTHP 10.0 grvitavori Unknown Win SRM guest

130gr FMJ 9.8 grHS7 1,338 fps1.240" CCI SP guest
STI Turbore 5 port comp

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