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33 Handloads
40 S&W, 155 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
LSWC 6.7 grAlliant Power Pistol 1,084 fps1.125" Fed SPM guest
SD=9.4, AD=6.8 Chrono’d @12’ from HK USP. 1-1/2" @25 yds. from a bag rest.

TMJ 3.7 grClays Unknown1.125" CCI SP guest
Rainier 155gr flat tip plated. Softer recoil than Unique.

JHP 10.0 grHodgdon 1,329 fps1.125" Win SP guest
Hodgdon’s ’Longshot’ Powder START with 8.5 work UP and WATCH for pressure signs. This load is from Hodgdon’s 2004 manual. They suggest using Hornady’s XTP-JHP. I have used Remy’s 155 JHP and also Winchester’s 155 Silvertip JHP with great results. use caution if you intend to use different bullets, reduce loads and then work up watching for pressure signs. Also you can expect fragmentation. most these bullets are designed for less than 1200fps. noted fair accuracy. moderate orange flash, and large blast/report...not quite as much as the 135gr I submitted though!! However the Power Factor of this load is 205 vs the 135’s of 199, both will let you know the guns gone off!!! (vel 4" BBL) WARNING! use only with guns that FULLY support the cartridge in the chamber!!

LFP 8.0 grHodgdon HS-6 Unknown Fed SR guest
Rainier 155 gr Jacketed Flat Point Primer Small Rifle Federal NO. 205 Very accurate load shot from my FN Herstal HP-SA .40 S&W pistol

XTP 6.0 grHodgdon Universal 1,000 fps1.120" CCI SP guest
Round works well in Glock 22

jhp 5.4 grn320 1,020 fps1.177" winchester guest

JFP 8.5 grN350 1,299 fps1.185" WSP guest
Shot from an STI Grand Master. Freebore is to 10MM spec.

LRN 6.3 grNo. 2 1,116 fps1.13" CCI 500 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 5.7 gr

LRN 7.5 grNo. 5 1,158 fps1.13" CCI 500 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

LRN 9.7 grNo. 7 1,146 fps1.13" CCI 500 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 8.7 gr

LRN 12.0 grNo. 9 1,142 fps1.13" CCI 500 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 10.8 gr

JHP 8.0 grPower Pistol Unknown1.120" Fed SP guest
Good accurate load in Glock model 22.

LSWC 4.5 grTitegroup Unknown1.135" CCI SP guest
Snappy load with good accuracy for punching paper targets. Cycled my XD-40 Sub Compact with no problems at all. Bullets are from Wideners.

TMJ 5.4 grTitegroup 1,058 fps1.126" CCI SP guest
Rainier 155 GR. fp CUP = 28,400

TMJ 4.4 grTitegroup Unknown1.126" CCI SP guest
Rainier 155 GR FP. Low flash for short barrel.

TMJ 4.7 grTitegroup Unknown1.126" CCI SP guest
A sweet load for the short (3") barrel pistols

LSWC 4.3 grTitegroup Unknown Win SP guest
I saw a Titegroup load of 4.5 gr from Bouncemail on this website. My Lee Turret would only drop 4.3 gr and I tried that and liked it. It works fine for IDPA and just target shooting.

LSWC 5.7 grunique Unknown Win SP guest
1" repeatedly two handed unsupported from about 20yds.

XTP 8.0 grVV 3N37 1,267 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 7.2 gr

FP 8.3 grVV 3N37 1,271 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 7.5 gr

XTP 5.8 grVV N320 1,178 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 5.2 gr

FP 5.8 grVV N320 1,157 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 5.2 gr

XTP 6.6 grVV N330 1,220 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 5.9 gr

FP 6.6 grVV N330 1,208 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 5.9 gr

XTP 6.8 grVV N340 1,231 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 6.1 gr

FP 7.1 grVV N340 1,256 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 6.4 gr

XTP 7.5 grVV N350 1,247 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

FP 7.9 grVV N350 1,275 fps1.126"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 7.1 gr

LRN 4.7 grW231 Unknown1.182" CCI SP guest

JHP 6.0 grWin 231 1,100 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 5.4 gr

Pressure: 33,200 PSI

TMJ 5.4 grWinchester 231 1,125 fps1.20" Win SP guest
Very Accurate,Little snappy but very easy to control.Great IDPA load.

JHP 7.3 grWSF 1,180 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 6.6 gr

Pressure: 33,200 PSI

JHP 6.0 grWST 1,040 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 5.4 gr

Pressure: 27,900 PSI

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