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7 Handloads
44 Magnum, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
240gr LSWC 3.0 grAlliant Bullseye 645 fps CCI SP guest
Great "silent" load. Makes no more noise than a .22 low velocity, but has far more punch. Surprisingly accurate, too. Sort of a CB Cap on steroids. From Laser Cast Manual.

240gr XTP 26.1 grH110 Unknown1.61" Win LPM guest
Length just fits the Ruger 77/44 rotary magazine in this bolt action. recoil deserving of respect in a light weight rifle. Very accurate @ 100yds. Look for groups 1"-2" with a 3-9 scope. Short barrel makes stable shooting platform, breathing and a steady trigger pull a must at long distances. Free floating barrel, synthetic stock and 2lb. volquartsen trigger sear help.

240gr JHP 24.6 grH110 Unknown CCI LPM guest
Seat bullet to cannelure and crimp. Accuracy at 100 yards is 1.5" using Ruger Semiauto 44 Carbine. This is a hard recoiling load that exceeds the maximum Hodgdon Manual recommended load. There were no high presure signs in my rifle and extraction is flawless. However,if you elect to use this loading, work your way up to it and check for pressure signs in your rifle.

240gr LSWC 6.0 grTitegroup Unknown1.6 " CCI LP guest
great light economical load for the .44 in both handguns(Ruger 5.5" Vaquero) and rifle (Winchester 20" Mdl. 94) I used this load the other day out of the rifle to obliterate empty shotgun hulls at about 30 yds. with open sights! Still developing this load for even better accuracy but it shows promise.

300gr JSP 16.0 gr2400 1,040 fps1.665" Win LP guest
If you are looking to load a suppressed rifle this load is accurate. I am getting 2 inch groups at 100 yards and the load is very quiet.

310gr LBT-WFN 18.0 grH-4227 Unknowncrimp" Fed LPM guest
This is an accurate and extremely deadly large deer load (and God only knows what else)in a M-94 Winchester, and it is amazingly quiet. It’s a grain or so under maximum according to Lyman, even further below according to Hodgdon! It compresses the Oregon Trail, True Shot bullet lightly. I exited one through both shoulders of a big Mulie buck at 50 yards as if he were made out of luke-warm butter. Accurate enough to hit apples at 100 yards. No leading. Recoil in the rifle is in the tolerance range of Brownie Scouts, (or not quite an alley-cat on the animal scale!)

310gr LFP 23.0 grh-110 1,710 fps1.7" Win LP guest
4.5" groups @ 100 yards out of marlin 1894,these gas checked bullets poured from lee moulds.

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