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7 Handloads
45 ACP +P, 230 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
LRN 4.5 grClays 875 fps Win LP guest

FMJ 6.0 grHP38 970 fps WLP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 5.4 gr
From the Hodgdon Manual #26

Pressure: 19,100 CUP

FMJ 9.3 grHS6 981 fps WLP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 8.4 gr
From the Hodgdon Manual #26

Pressure: 19,700 CUP

FMJ 9.6 grHS6 980 fps1.26" Win LPM guest
Very nice full power round for a .45 Auto. Bullet is Hornady 230gr Truncated FMJ. 100% feed & eject. My Kimber and Springfield (both with custom fit tight bushings)will group into 1 inch at 30 yards. I recommed an 18lbs Wolff spring and Shockbuff.

FMJ 7.5 grPower Pistol 930 fps1.19" Fed 150 Alliant
Suggested starting load: 6.8 gr

Pressure: 22,000

FMJ 7.8 grPower Pistol 941 fps1.272" CCI300 LP guest
45acp +P+ 230gr FMJ (Remington) Brass: Remington Nickel Plated +P (new) Notes: Power round. workup 7.2gr, 7.4gr, 7.6gr, 7.8gr, 8.0gr. No bulging cases or primers even at 8.0gr. No misfires, no failures to feed. Loaded 650 in 4 hours. Setup 15 mins. "ELITE HANDLOAD" Balistic data (10 random rounds) Avg FPS: 941 Hi FPS: 962 Lo FPS: 917 Avg Deviation: 16.0 8.0gr PP Workup Balistic Data Avg FPS: 1020 Hi FPS: 1076 Lo FPS: 976 Avg Deviation: 21.0 Pistol Used: H&K USP45f (polygonal barrel)

JHP 6.7 grVV N340 974 fps1.250" Win LP guest
Hornady XTP 230gr using virgin starline +P brass. Hot load duplicates Corbon 230 +P. For use in ramped barrel only and 20# recoil spring. Tested in heavy barrel 1911.

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