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15 Handloads
45 Colt, 255 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
LSWC 18.0 gralliant 2400 1,050 fps1595" Fed LP guest
Trueshot cast bullets(SWC) are the closet I’ve come to the keith bullet, Comercila wise. I shot the above load out of a Ruger Redhawk that wears a 5 and 1/2 inch barrel and its been very picky in what it liked. I started at 16 gr. over a good bag rest , the six groups I did shoot , opened and closed like a bellows.The 18gr group at 25 yards and a rather heavy trigger prevented any group better than 2 inches. I stopped at 18.5 grs. its maybe a prudent choice , for my Redhawk wouldn’t hit the side a barn at 20-22 grains, and those loads , trust me are very healthy pressure wise...Well Good shootin Ya’ll....Don Hou.TX

Lee RNFP 27.5 grH 4227 1,193 fps Win LP guest
OAL is to the crimp groove. Bullet is seated over a waxed cardboard wad and lubed with Lyman Moly Stick. Velocity from 16 1/2 in carbne is 1525 f/s

LSWC 10.0 grIMR 4756 880 fps Win LPM guest

LSWC 5.9 grNo. 2 813 fps1.6" CCI 300 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 5.3 gr

LSWC 10.4 grNo. 5 961 fps1.6" CCI 300 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 9.4 gr

LSWC 5.8 grS1000 807 fps1.6" CCI 300 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 5.2 gr

LSWC 9.0 grUnique 950 fps WLP Admin
A nice accurate standard pressure load. Velocity was measured from a 5.5" Bisley

LSWC 8.0 grUnique Unknown1.580" Win LP guest
This is a very accurate load in my Encore with a 12" barrel. It is mild in recoil and fun to shoot.

LFP 7.5 grUnique Unknown Win LP guest
This makes for a mild to moderate CAS load, it’s right to POA in my 5.5" Vaquero. FPS is unknown, but should run between 750 to 800.

LFP 8.5 grunique Unknown1.6" Win LPM guest

LSWC 5.5 grVV N100 868 fps1.6" CCI 300 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 5.0 gr

LSWC 10.0 grVV N350 900 fps Win LP guest
Cases are cut down to the same length as a 44 Special and OAL is also the same as a 44 Special with a similer wieght bullet. I shoot this in my Vaquero. If the cases are not cut down, I use 11.0 gr. No signs of excess pressure, and velocities are very consistant.

SWC 8.0 grW231 915 fps1.670" WLP Guest
Suggested starting load: 7.2 gr
This is an accurate and easy load to shoot.

LSWC 7.5 grW231 890 fps CCI guest
Very accurate with my Ruger Vaquero 4 5/8 inch barrel.Dead center at 25 yards.Recoil is soft.Good for Cowboy load.

Lead 7.1 grWin 231 875 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 6.4 gr

Pressure: 13,000 CUP

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