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15 Handloads
475 WILDEY, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
230gr FMJ 20.5 grBlue Dot 1,730 fps1.595" CCI LP guest
Economic load. Very accurate.

230gr FMJ 24.5 grBlue Dot 1,994 fps1.580" Win LP guest
This is a max load in my gun. S.D. 15, E.S. 31. Very accurate load for light bullet, not as accurate as the 300gr.

230gr FMJ 20.0 grBlue Dot 1,410 fps1.580" Win LP guest
Very mild load, accuracy decent but not fantastic. Good plinking load. 9 clicks mag feed.

230gr FMJ 23.0 grBlue Dot Unknown1.58"  Wildey
Suggested starting load: 20.7 gr

250gr JSP 22.0 grBlue Dot 1,611 fps1.575" Win LP guest
velocity from 10 barrell

265gr JSP 34.3 grw-296 1,834 fps1.595" Win LP guest
Used winchester WLP primers for large pistol mag or standard loads. And HAWK 265 grain flat points. Muzzle energy is 1980 ft. lbs with 12 inch barrel. This is a max load.

265gr JSP 28.5 grh-2400 1,731 fps1.595" Win LP guest
maximum load.velocity from 10" barrel. muzzle energy is 1764 ft.lbs

265gr unk 21.0 grBlue Dot Unknown1.58"  Wildey
Suggested starting load: 18.9 gr

300gr JSP 19.0 grBlue Dot 1,419 fps1.575" Win LP guest
velocity from 10" barrell 1342 ft lbs muzzle energy

300gr JSP 20.5 grBlue Dot 1,785 fps1.585" Win LP guest
This is a max load in my gun. Primer flattened. This load also uses the Kaswer Custom bullets that are no longer made. Very accurate, S.D. 11 fps E.S. 32 fps. 12" barrel, gas ports closed.

300gr JSP 17.5 grBlue Dot 1,215 fps1.585" Win LP guest
Very mild load, Not as accurate as heavier loads, but still OK. S.D. 27, E.S. 59. 10 clicks from closed for mag feed.

300gr unk 19.0 grBlue Dot Unknown1.58"  Wildey
Suggested starting load: 17.1 gr

350gr JSP 18.0 grBlue Dot 1,528 fps1.585" Win LP guest
This is a max load in my gun. Uses Kaswer Custom bullet no longer made. 4.5" groups @ 100 yrds. Excellent heavy bullet load.

350gr unk 16.5 grBlue Dot Unknown1.58"  Wildey
Suggested starting load: 14.9 gr

400gr JSP 12.5 grBlue Dot 900 fps1.590" CCI LP guest
The bullet is a Speer Gold Dot. 12" barrel velocity. OAL must not exceed 1.590" or cartridges will bind inside magazine with this bullet type.

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