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12 Handloads
6.5 x 55, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr BTHP 42.0 grVarget 3,000 fps CCI SP guest
The bullet is the Nosler balistic tip boat tail. Primer is Rem 9 1/2. Grouped 5 shots in one hole at 100 yds.

120gr SP 50.0 grRL-22 3,004 fps3.065" CCI LR guest
M94 action with Douglas 25" BBL short throat, bullets 0.005 off lands, three shot groups 0.43" Bullet: 120 gr Speer hot core

120gr SP 45.0 grIMR 4350 2,900 fps78mm" Win LR guest
Very accurate and consistant load, 7 shots same hole @ 100 yards using nosler ballastic tips.This is my favorite for my 96 swede sporterized by Kimber my 9 year old son shoots.We have taken large whitetail & axis bucks out to 300yds.

125gr SP 45.3 grIMR 4350 2,900 fps Win LR guest
0.75" groups @ 100yds

129gr SP 0.0 gr4064 2,710 fpsUnk" CCI SP guest
An ideal all around weight for this short rifle, but a hot load which groups 1/4" in this is a M38 sporter, ala Kimber, with a free floated 21" barrel. One caveat. Start low and work up to this hot load, the barrel on this Swede is shot out, but still shoots too good to replace. Charge not stated as pressures could be much higher in your rifle, and good barrel.

139gr BTHP 44.0 grRL22 2,570 fps3.100" Fed SRM guest
Sub MOA load in Swedish sniper rifle using lapua cases

Email author: aac 
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140gr PSP 39.6 grWin 760 2,405 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 35.6 gr

Pressure: 44,100 CUP

140gr SP 44.5 grIMR4350 2,500 fps CCI LR guest
Accurate load, groups into 3/4 inch at 100 yards with Nosler Partition. Very nice deer load, great penetration.

140gr SP 42.0 grh-380 2,780 fps3.022" CCI LR guest
This cartridge uses Lapua brass and a Sierra spitzer boat tail bullet, with it I am able to print sub M.O.A. groups with a Ruger M77 MKII standard rifle.

144gr BTHP 32.0 grVV N140 Unknown3,133" Win LR guest
Very best accuracy out of several M96 swed, with iron sigth Sometimes 25-35 rounds less than 2inch @100 meters the bore diameters are 6,49-6,52 i fever 6,52mm,the bullet is Lapua B343 144grs

160gr SP 40.0 grWin 760 2,285 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 36.0 gr

Pressure: 43,700 CUP

95gr SP 45.5 gr760 2,900 fps CCI LRM guest
Hornady V-max bullets. This load is touchy about seating length, It is out of a M 38 swede that has been sporterized and scoped so jumping long ways to lands and then 1 in 7 3/4 twist. It shows no pressure signs in this rifle but using mag primers may be towards top end. If bullets seated right distance I kid you not, 100 yds, I get less than 1" consistantly and several 3 shot groups have been ragged holes. Play with seating in your rifle. Keep it safe

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