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12 Handloads
6.5/06, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
100gr SP 53.0 grh4350 3,315 fps3.200" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab 63300 psi ,nos bt

120gr SP 52.5 grh4831 2,970 fps3.150" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab, 62300 psi 120gr swift sp

129gr SP 51.0 grh4831 2,889 fps3.245" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab 62900psi 129 gr hdy sp

129gr SP 55.0 grReloader 22 3,250 fps LR guest
Sako action, douglas 27 inch barrel, remington primers, win brass, tight neck chamber. Max load, approach with caution.

140gr SP 49.5 grh4831 2,731 fps3.200" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab 62300 psi 140 gr speer grand slam

140gr BTHP 55.0 grReloader 22 Unknown LR guest
Sako action, tight neck, 27 inch barrel, winchester brass. Loaded .005 into lands on douglas barrel, shoots in the 1’s. Max load approach with caution.

140gr BTHP 52.5 grH-4831SC 2,909 fps3.340" Fed LRM guest
140gr A-Max moly, 5 shot groups @ 200yds .525". 5 shot group @ 500 meters, 2.355"

140gr JSP 51.0 grIMR 4350 3,005 fps3.24" Fed LR guest
Custom Pac Nor barrel- load 0.03 off the lands. Hot but no signs of pressure on my brass higher than factory 30-06 loads(necked up 25-06 Remington). In my gun 1" 3 shot groups common, best about .3

142gr BTHP 55.0 grh1000 2,816 fps3.300" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab 63300psi 142 gr sierra hpbt

160gr SP 55.0 grh1000 2,650 fps3.300" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab 62400 psi 160 gr hornady rn any other bullet of this weight may seriously raise pressure

85gr BTHP 52.0 grvarget 3,588 fps3.140" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab 62500 psi

95gr SP 54.5 grh4350 3,436 fps3.200" Fed LRM guest
from hodgdon lab 63300psi hdy vmax

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