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16 Handloads
7.62 x 39, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
110gr JSP 27.5 grIMR 3031 2,260 fps  Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 24.8 gr
Max load, 24in barrel.

Pressure: 34,400 CUP

110gr LRN 24.0 grIMR 4198 Unknown CCI SP guest
This load was developed using Berry’s plated bullets, which feed ok, but the accuracy was not as good as with the Hornady 123gr bullets. This is a good all around plinking load for this gun which is cheap to load and very easy on the brass making for many reloads.

110gr LRN 14.0 grIMR SR4756 Unknown CCI SP guest
This load is a nice supersonic plinking load that has about the report of a 22magnum rimfire. It will cycle the action in some semi-auto rifles, but caution should be used as the pressure curve is not the same as factory ammo. For best results remove the gas rod from your rifle and fire it as a straight pull bolt action.

115gr LFP 10.0 grIMR Trail Boss 1,500 fps1.785" CCI LR guest
This load uses hard-cast lead bullets designed for use in the old cowboy 32/20-WCF cartridge. The powder load is a compressed load (10.0c) and the round should get a heavy crimp in the bullets crimp groove. The COL may very slightly in order to crimp in the crimp groove just like a cowboy round with a heavy crimp (Lee Factory Crimp Die works very well). This round is a joy to shoot in bolt action and break action guns (N.E.F., Rossi, and Contenders, etc.) it can also be used one at a time in an SKS. Standard Deveiation is about 10-15fps. depending on rifle. Very accurate -- great target range or small game round.

123gr SP 23.1 grH116 2,250 fps  Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 20.8 gr

123gr SP 31.5 grBL-C (2) Unknown CCI SP guest
Bullet used was Horady #3140 and accuracy was much better than that of mil-spec ammunition.

123gr SP 20.0 grH4227 Unknown CCI SP guest
Mild load using Hornady’s #3140 bullet. Accuracy was pleasent, report was mild and results on small game was very pleasing.

123gr SP 24.6 grIMR 4198 Unknown CCI SP guest
This is my overall favorite "mil-spec" weight load for this gun. This load burns clean, has great accuracy and is very easy on the brass.

123gr JSP 23.7 grIMR 4198 2,200 fps2.930" CCI SR guest
Remington Brass, Trim to 1.518", Appeared mild in my Yugo M-59. Good accuracy at 100 yards. Start 10% lower for safety.

123gr JSP 28.0 gr1680 2,410 fps CCI SR guest
I use fireformed Remington brass and Winchester 123gr bullets in my CZ 527 Carbine. This is a very accurate round in my rifle. I consistantly get 1 moa or better at 100 yards. I also get 150 fps more than Factory Winchester 123 jsp.

123gr SP 23.0 grAccurate 1680 2,200 fps LP guest
Good hunting catridge

125gr JSP 27.0 grIMR 3031 2,257 fps  Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 24.3 gr
Max load, 24in barrel

Pressure: 37,100 CUP

125gr SP 26.2 grAA 1680 2,314 fpsN/A" Win LR guest
Bullet .308 remington spt. slightly crimped. Ruger Mini 30 Ranch Rifle 18.5 inch barel.

150gr FMJ 26.0 grIMR 3031 2,101 fps  Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 23.4 gr
Max load, 24in barrel

Pressure: 38,800 CUP

150gr BTHP 19.5 grIMR4227 Unknown CCI SP guest
This load was developed using the Sierra Matchking bullet and despite the bullet being slightly undersized, it performed well out to 200yds in my SKS. Pressure was medium and charge could be increased some, but accuracy deteriorates when done.

180gr SP 6.3 grIMR SR7625 980 fps CCI SP guest
This is a great subsponic load for plinking and general pest removal. The report was about that of a 22 short out of a rifle and the accuracy with Speer bullets was hovering around 1-1/2" to 2" at 100yds. The fast twist rate in the SKS rifles will stabalize these bullets well at slow speeds and makes for a really fun load to shoot. One note, this load will not cycle the action in a semi-auto rifle.

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