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10 Handloads
9x23 Winchester, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
115gr JHP 8.4 grVihtaVuori 1,557 fps1.245" CCI SR guest
IPSC Load Starline Brass

124gr RN 7.8 gr3N37 1,400 fps1.250" CCI400 guest
IPSC load

124gr RN 7.8 grN350 1,428 fps1.250" CCI400 guest
IPSC load

124gr RN 8.4 grIMR 7625 1,432 fps1.260" WSR guest
IPSC load

124gr Rem GS 9.1 gr3N37 1,420 fps Win SR guest
Vigorous load. Win cases are brittle, last only a couple of loads. Starline (9mm Supercomp) are more durable.

125gr JHP 5.3 grWin 231 1,180 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 4.8 gr

Pressure: 38,000 PSI

125gr JHP 6.3 grWin 231 1,300 fps  Winchester
Suggested starting load: 5.7 gr

Pressure: 46,000 PSI

125gr FMJ 7.2 grVihtaVuori N350 1,350 fps1.248" Win SPM guest
Major IPSC 5.6 in barrel

130gr fmj 4.7 grww 231 1,050 fps1.250" Federal guest
Good IDPA load

147gr JHP 7.9 gr3N37 1,300 fps1.2xx" Win SR guest
Great load for the bonded core Gold Dot. This load is reduced slightly from a load that generated about 1340 fps. For anything other than target use, most 147 grain JHPs may be too fragile as they are designed for 9x19 velocities. I sincerely wish someone would load this commercially as there’s been a report that the factory 125gr Silver tip is a poor penetrator.

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