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4 Handloads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
223 Remington
69 gr BTHP
26.0 grVarget Unknown Fed SP guest
The most accurate load I’ve ever shot. I could easily cover 5 shots with a dime at 100 yards.

Email author: jdzurinda 
25-06 Remington
100gr SP
52.7 grIMR4350 Unknown3.250" Fed LR guest
Excellent accuracy and trajectory.

Email author: jdzurinda 
300 H&H Mag
165gr SP
66.5 grIMR4350 Unknown Win LRM guest
Don’t have a chrony but according to Nosler the bullet (165 Ballistic Tip) should be about 3090 fps. I was able to keep 4 shots in 3/4".

Email author: jdzurinda 
300 H&H Mag
180gr SP
64.5 grIMR4350 Unknown Win SRM guest
Bullet was Remington 180 gr Corelokt. Groups ran 1".

Email author: jdzurinda 

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