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6 Handloads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
221 fireball
46gr JHP
17.8 graa-1680 3,450 fps Fed SR guest
this load uses the 46 gr win hp 22 hornet bullet and groups 3/8" for five shots at 100 yds in my custom mini mark x

Email author: rogers_timothy 
264 win mag
140gr JSP
76.0 grimr-5010 3,175 fps Fed LRM guest
this load uses the 140 gr remington corelokt and groups under an inch @100yds. this is a lightly compressed load but seems under max pressures

Email author: rogers_timothy 
300gr JHP
62.0 gralliant rl-7 Unknown Win LR guest
do not use this load in marlins the same load is posted by me but with "old" rl-7. since that load was posted i aquired some new rl-7 it is not the same powder as the old rl-7. the new rl-7 is made in sweden for alliant and is faster burning than the old rl-7 making the 62.0 gr load too stiff for the marlin with the new powder. this load with the new powder is safe for the ruger # 1. the old rl-7 had red identification granuals in it the new rl-7 does not

Email author: rogers_timothy  
300gr JHP
62.0 gralliant rl-7 2,480 fps2.53" Win LR guest
groups very good from my 3 marlin 1895`s about 1.75" three shot groups at 100 yds. this load is for remington, hornady,speer, and sierra 300gr bullets only. the nosler and both barnes x and original 300 gr bullets develop more pressure than conventional bullets. 57.0 gr rl-7 is about max in the marlin for the nosler and barnes original, cut this 57.0 gr load about 10% for the barnes x bullet

Email author: rogers_timothy 
8 mm Mauser
185gr JSP
46.0 grimr-4895 2,680 fps Win LR guest
this load uses the 185gr remington corelokt and groups about 1.25"@100 yds. do not use this load in m-88 mausers or 8x57`s with a .318 dia bore or rifles of questionable quality. this load develops around 50,000 cup pressure

Email author: rogers_timothy 
8mm rem mag
220gr JSP
84.0 grimr-7828 3,100 fps Win LRM guest
this load uses the 220 gr sierra bt shoots 1.5" @ 100yds. suggested starting load: 79.0gr

Email author: rogers_timothy 

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