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Top loads for each caliber
BrandBulletShootingsOne Shot StopsPercentDiameterPenetration
Federal 308 168 gr Match 112 110 98% 0" 24.9"
Remington 223 69 gr JHP403998%0.32"16.9"
Federal 357 Magnum125 gr JHP64161596%0.74"11.1"
Federal 45 ACP230 gr HS17316696%0.76"13.9"
PMC 30-30150 gr SF444295%0.53"19.6"
Remington 40 S&W165 gr GS14613794%0.7"13.9"
Remington 45 ACP +P185 gr JHP777192%0.74"12.9"
Winchester 44 Magnum210 gr JHP716592%0.81"16.3"
Federal 357 SIG125 gr JHP242292%0.62"12.3"
Federal 9 mm +P+115 gr JHP18917291%0.71"13.9"
Winchester 41 Magnum170 gr ST615590%0.68"14.9"
Federal 10 mm155 gr JHP201890%0.73"12.4"
Speer 9 mm +P124 gr GD746588%0.71"13.6"
Winchester 30 Carbine110 gr JSP433888%0.42"0"
Winchester 9 mm115 gr ST42134983%0.64"13.7"
Federal 45 Colt225 gr LHP362981%0.51"14.9"
Winchester 38 Special +P+110 gr JHP493980%0.64"12.1"
Remington 38 Special +P125 gr GS10880%0.68"12.4"
Winchester 44 Special200 gr ST705376%0.58"13.8"
Federal 380 ACP90 HS966871%0.56"9.4"
Winchester 32 ACPgr ST1519966%0.41"9.2"
Federal 38 Special129 gr HS775065%0.56"10.2"
CCI Stinger 22 LRHP46517838%0.28"7.3"
Winchester 25 ACPgr Expanding Point2045527%0.3"8.9"

BT = Black Talon GS = Golden Saber GD = Gold Dot
HS = Hydra Shok ST = Silvertip LRN = Lead Round Nose
SWC = Semi Wadcutter JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point FMJ = Full Metal Jacket

Diameter and Penetration are the average from bullets recovered in actual shootings. All data taken from Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow's book: Stopping Power: A Practical Analysis of the Latest Handgun Ammunition and used with permission from the author.

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