Where do you prefer to go shooting?
What is your favorite handgun action type?
Do you particiapte in any form of firearm competition?
What do you consider the maximum range for revolver hunting?
What do you think about optical sights on handguns?
In any given caliber do you prefer to load light, medium or heavy bullets?
If Smith And Wesson made a N frame, heavy barrel, Long cylinder 357 with the 44 magnum endurance package would you buy one?
Do you use the factory stocks that came on your handgun, or do you change them?
What type stock material do you prefer?
357 Magnum, Jack of all Trades Master of None?
Do you cast your own bullets?
How many calibers do you reload for?
Which is your favorite powder manufacturer?
How many reloaders do you have?
How do you prepare your brass for reloading?
Would you buy a firearm online?
Do you sort your brass?
Favorite handgun action type
Favorite bullet type

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